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5 closest marathons and more

December 12, 2006 05:13   About Ahotu

On each marathon page, you can now easily locate the five marathons that are closest.Either on the map, or in the ‘Closest marathons’ section.Say you couldn’t register for the ‘Marathon du Médoc’ in France, but still want to run ...

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Spanish marathons

November 29, 2006 18:28   Regions

We did our best to get an exhaustive list of the Spanish marathons, but we couldn’t get more than 16. If you happen to know any marathon in Spain that is not in our list, please drop us an e-mail at info@42k195.com or leave a comment. List ...

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November 23, 2006 05:08  

www.42k195.com has been mentionned the spanish GIS dedicated Blog GEOBlog, run by Antonio Fraga.Here is the post : http://antoniofraga.blogspot.com/2006/11/google-maps-para-runners.htmlWhere will you run your next marathon ? ...

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Marathon de Normandie

November 21, 2006 05:34   In Memoriam

Due to the continuous falling number of participants since 2002, the Marathon de Normandie has been definitively terminated. 2006 was the last edition.The competition is fierce in France, no less then 19 marathons take place in september and october.For those of you who liked this marathon that ran across the Seine on the Normandie Bridge can still ...

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400 marathons available

November 19, 2006 18:54   About Ahotu

The 400 marathons level has been reached. The 400 marathons are scattered on 79 different countries. <!—more—%> The last marathons references where in malaysia. Marathons in Malaysia http://marathons.ahotu.com/race/ http://marathons.ahotu.com/race/penang_bridge_international_marathon http://marathons.ahotu.com/race/putrajaya_international_marathon If you like the site or would like to ...

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Google maps mania Blog

November 19, 2006 06:47  

Mike Pegg from Google Maps Mania Blog has made an entry about www.42k195.com.http://googlemapsmania.blogspot.com/2006/11/neat-new-google-maps-mashups.html#linksThanks Mike. ...

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I’ve been Renalided !

November 16, 2006 19:30  

Renaud from www.renalid.com, a web french web site that specializes on geolocalization and mashups (google maps and similar APIs) has written a very kind article on www.42k195.com.If you read French, click on the link to read the full article.‘Interface simple mais très efficace’In English‘Simple interface but very effective.’Thanks Renaud ! ...

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Marathons in Chile

November 12, 2006 18:19   Regions

Chile is the 70 country referenced on 42k195.com. So far, we have found 3 marathons: two on the main land and one on the easter island. If you’re looking for exotic marathons in the southern hemisphere, why don’t you have a look on ...

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Bermuda international Marathon

November 12, 2006 14:38   About Ahotu Focus on a race

Have you ever thought of running a marathon in Bermuda(s)? Bermuda is the 69th country to enter our database and its marathon is # 340. It will be held during the Bermuda International Race Weekend on January 14th. The online registration is ...

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320 Marathons available

November 11, 2006 14:53   About Ahotu

320 marathons have been entered so far. 320 was the Picnic Marathon which is considered as Great Britain’s hardest marathon. It will take place in June 23rd 2007. http://marathons.ahotu.com/race/picnic_marathon Where will you run your next marathon ? ...

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