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6 décembre 2015 (dimanche)

La course a déjà eu lieu.

Asie / Singapour



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dvdwng il y a environ 6 ans  

50,000 runners in all races categories. 17,000+ in the full marathon alone! I made a mistake of getting to the start point just 10 mins before flag off. Didn't even hear the siren for the flag off but just followed the crowd and shuffled my way to the start line. Took me 10 mins to get to the start line and started running! Unfortunately, some of the so called 'runners' were just out for a Sunday stroll. Even before the 1km mark, quite a few were already walking 2 to 3 abreast and slowing down the 'real runners'! Literally have to weave my way through and knocking into others. Crowd aside, the route is relatively flat except for a few gradual inclines. Started off in the financial district amongst the sky scrappers, did a turn at 1.5km and headed back towards start line (3km marker)then past the Singapore Flyer and turn out onto a (Nicoll)Highway. At the 6km marker, u-turned and ran back the opposite side of the highway towards the coastal area. Slight incline on the highway. At 10.5km mark, you will hit the East Coast Parkway (ECP) which is the beach front. 11-20km will be ran on the service road along the beach. Relatively straight and almost totally flat except a couple of short and slight inclines. From the u-turn (at just past 20km mark) to 29km mark, route is along the running track along the waterfront for most of the way. From 29.5km mark, back on the main road towards the Indoor Stadium and u-turn at the 33km, back towards the (Nicoll) Highway. Turn off towards the (current) National Stadium and loop around going under the Highway to the opposite side and reaching the 34km mark. From 34-38km marks, a few gradual ups & downs. Nothng too strenous. However, from the 39 km mark, just as you enter the F1 pits, this is the point where the 10k, half and full marathon runners converge! So for the 4-hr or so full marathon runners, you will hit this crowd and really put the brakes on your sprint to the finish line even though it's a flat last 3km! With tiring legs, last thing you want to do is to start weaving in and out around others who are mostly, at that point, just walking to the finish line! My verdict: It's a nice and easy course to run with not too early or late start (5:30am). Lots of water-stations (Water & 100+), bananas and energy gel (1 station only at the 23-24km mark). Total road closure from traffic. Better crowd support this year especially along the beach. Can't fault the organisers as it was a well run(no pun intended) event. As for the mass of runners, probably one way to ease the congestion at certain points is to have seperate lanes for people that are actually running and those that intend to 'stroll' to the finish line. Not necessary along the whole route (which would be a major logistic headache) but at points where there would be a mass of runners converging. Another option is to have a shorter cut-off time instead of a very generous 8 hrs for this event. This might encourage people to 'move' a bit faster.

François Defougères il y a environ 8 ans  

Très beau site, course matinale relativement fraiche (25° à 5h00), très bien organisée. Pas souffert de la chaleur sauf un peu vers la fin. Un public enthousiaste et présent tout au long de la course. Excellent souvenir. Une organisation à l'arrivée sans bavure, avec tous les services pour se remettre de l'effort. A recommander vivement.

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