Bike and Run events

Bike and run races are great for anyone who likes to combine endurance events with team sports. Teams of two or more compete with participants alternating between running and cycling. With no transition zone, individuals must learn to transition seamlessly from cycling to running and vice versa.

Double the effort, double the fun

Because in bike and run races team members always stay together, share the same bike and change from running to cycling even every few hundred meters, the cycling part can be treated as active recovery. This allows for a higher intensity effort during the run, hence the finish times are much faster than in normal running races.

If you’re a specialist in either of these disciplines and interested in taking up multi-sports, this could be a fantastic gateway, allowing you to combine what you’re best at with what you’d like to try.

Alternatively, if you’re a seasoned runner with a friend or family member who is a cycling enthusiast, a bike and run event lets you team up and go for glory together.

Biking and running require different types of fitness, so this is a great chance to broaden your training horizons.

Whether you’re looking for your first bike and run race or you’re an experienced endurance athlete that has competed before, distances typically range between 5 km and 42 km in total so there is something for everyone.

If you’re ready to take on your next fitness challenge, you can find bike & run events in our calendar.


News Results

Results: SHR Dämmer Marathon

Marathon Hosea Tuei won the race with a time of 02:20:50. He finished 5 minutes 25 seconds ahead of Firaa’ol Eebbisaa. Finishing third was Isaac Kibrom (02:35:55). For the women, Gladys Kiprotich won the race with a time of 02:41:42 , ahead of Prisca Kiprono (02:49:18). While Birgit Winkler came in third at 03:11:48. Dämmer-Marathon: Organisatoren rechnen in Mannheim mit 10.000
SRH Dämmer Marathon
Jean-Loup Fenaux | 18 May 2016 12:28