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From Fairbanks to Boston: 50 Great U.S. Marathons

January 22, 2009 17:16   Book

A few month ago, after interviewing him about the Yakima River Marathon, Bod Dolphin was kind enough to send me a copy of the book he participated in the writing : From Fairbanks to Boston: 50 Great U.S. Marathons This isn’t the kind of book you read form the cover to cover. But I really enjoyed reading it chapter by chapter. ...

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The Marine Corps Marathon: A Running Tradition

January 06, 2009 19:18   Book

Thanks to 42k195.com, I get in touch with a lot of marathons lovers around the world and I love it. Recently, I exchanged a few e-mails with George Banker. George is an passionate marathon runner who has already ran 71 marathons. He is also an historian and a writer. That peculiar combination of talents led him to devote two years of ...

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