Ahotu Marathons News : In Memoriam

Doors are closing at Pacific Trail Runs

June 06, 2012 06:42   News In Memoriam

Race Director Sarah Spelt has announced on Facebook that Pacific Trail Runs if officially closing its doors. “I am beyond sorry to announce that I am forced to close the doors at PCTR, effective immediately. As many of you know, I have dealt with some very difficult obstacles these past few years which have taken their toll, in many ways, on ...

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The end of the Grand Canyon Marathon

April 04, 2012 10:24   In Memoriam

Jeanie Sharp, race director of the Grand Canyon Marathon & Half Marathon , has announced that National Park Service has not approved the “Special Use Permit”, that would allow the race to take place at the end of the year. After three successful editions (2008, 2010 and 2011), the organizers have decided to stop organizing the event. ...

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Draycote Water Races no longer organized

November 06, 2009 16:49   In Memoriam

Roger Wilkes, the organizer of the Draycote Water Races has just released the news. The Draycote Water 35 and the Draycote Water Marathon that used to take place in February in the Draycote Water Country Park (England) will no longer be held. Severn Trent Water have adopted the policy not to stage any more races at Draycote Water Country Park. ...

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2007 was the last edition of the Banemarathon

February 13, 2008 07:16   In Memoriam

If you have run the Banemarathon in Denmark last July 29th, let me tell you that you have run the ultimate edition. There will not be a Banemarathon in 2008. Don’t be too sad. If you still want to run a marathon in Kalundborg, the Kalundborg Summer Maraton will take place on July 13th. Good luck to the Kalundborg Summer Maraton. ...

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Marathons in Burgundy

April 19, 2007 14:05   Regions In Memoriam

Until last year, the old duchy of Burgundy welcomed 3 marathons : The marathon des grands crus de bourgogne in Dijon, Marathon des Blues Trotters and marathon du Charolais. But 2006 was the 10th and final edition of the marathon des grands crus de Bourgorgne. For those interested, the domain name www.marathonbourgogne.org is now of sale. The two surviving marathons follow ...

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Marathon de Normandie

November 21, 2006 05:34   In Memoriam

Due to the continuous falling number of participants since 2002, the Marathon de Normandie has been definitively terminated. 2006 was the last edition. The competition is fierce in France, no less then 19 marathons take place in september and october. For those of you who liked this marathon that ran across the Seine on the Normandie Bridge can still participate in ...

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