Ahotu Marathons News : Interview

Night Marathon : Roberto Stagnetti's Interview

March 30, 2008 23:42   Interview Focus on a race

Roberto Stagnetti, the president of the Night Marathon has accepted to answer a few questions to let us discover the second edition of the Night Marathon in Italy. Hello Roberto, on June 6th, you’ll be organizing the Night Marathon. Can you tell us where it is located? NightMarathon 2008 will be held ...

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Music from the Soul Marathon : Shawn Pinder's Interview

March 24, 2008 00:33   Interview Focus on a race

Shawn and his wife are the new owners of Lethbridge’s local running store, Runner’s Soul. They both grew up here in Lethbridge and are very excited with the opportunity to give back to the community through the races and clinics that they put on. Hello, on June 1st, you’ll be organizing the Music from the Soul ...

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Maratón Internacional de Pacasmayo : Steve Cambrige's Interview

March 16, 2008 23:54   Interview Focus on a race

Steve is a Peace Corps Volunteer living for the next two years in Pacasmyo, Peru. There, he works with artisans, assists in tourism, works in an orphanage, teaches a weekly exercise class to senior citizens, and in March will start coaching athletes in Special Olympics. Hello, on July 6th, you’ll be organizing the ...

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Maratongeren : Micha Havreluk's interview

March 09, 2008 23:04   Interview Focus on a race

Micha Havreluk is a 57 year old Germanic languages teacher. He has run 191 marathons at the time this interview was conducted and plans to run his 200th in June 2008 at the Marathon du vignoble d’Alsace in France. He organizes two marathons in Belgium and is the webmaster of two running clubs www.addemer.com ...

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Terwa Marathon : Petri Huhtala's Interview

March 02, 2008 22:43   Interview Focus on a race

Petri Huhtala is a 44 year old freewheeling civil engineer and a member of YMCA of Oulu which is organizing this marathon. He used to participate in this event as a runner but for past 3-4 years he has joined the organization committee too. Over the past decade he has run 21 marathons, in seven different countries, and each time ...

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Shiprock Marathon :Jeff Fultz’s interview

February 25, 2008 02:20   Interview Focus on a race

Jeff Fultz has worked with the Indian Health Service and lived on the Navajo Nation since 1991 which has been a wonderful experience according to him. He has served as Race Director for the Shiprock Marathon & Relays for five years now. Hello, on May 3rd, you’ll be organizing the 25th Shiprock Marathon. Can you tell us where ...

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Royal Victoria Marathon : Sandi Heal’s interview

February 17, 2008 23:14   Interview Focus on a race

Today, I’m publishing an interview with Sandi Heal the Administrative Manager of the Royal Victoria Marathon. Sandi Heal was born and raised in Victoria, BC. She has been with the Royal Victoria Marathon since the 2004 event and has a background in event planning, administrative services and acute-care nursing. ...

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Yakima River Marathon : Bob Dolphin's interview

February 11, 2008 04:50   Interview Focus on a race

To present you the Yakima Canyon Marathon, I’m honored that it’s director Bob Dolphin has accepted to answer a few questions. Bob introduced himself as an aging, marathon runner/walker doing the best he can with what he have left….at age 78. He also assists his wife Lenore in directing the Yakima River Canyon Marathon and the 100 Marathon Club North America. ...

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