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How is trail running like in Croatia?

February 28, 2013 19:20   Trail Regions

I know that you all love to travel and discover new races and new places. Would you be interrested in learning a little more about Croatia and more specifically about trail running in Croatia. I exchanged a few emails with Vanja Suhina a passionate traveler and trail runner from Croatia. Vanja and a few friends have recently created a new website ...

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Running Marathons in New Zealand

September 23, 2010 16:27   Regions

After the interview about the New World Marlborough Marathon I published on Monday, I wanted to take some time to present the marathons organized in New Zealand. New Zealand is considered the last “New world”. With its breathtaking seneries, gorgeous forest and cool weather, the two island country is a great place to run marathons. The country hosts at least 24 ...

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A new way to browse US races

August 17, 2010 19:39   Regions About Ahotu

Since the beginning of August, you can now list US endurance races by regions as well as by states in the calendar pages. US State calendars and new regions calendars Previously, you could view the endurance races of a specific state (ex: Californian marathons). Some of you requested a to have broader view of american races. I you live in Rhode ...

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Running in Central America

July 20, 2010 00:00   Regions

Thanks to my good friend Gunter from Guatemala, the calendar for Central American races has been updated and many new races are have been added. The region offers a good diversity of races including marathons, half marathons and ultramarathons. All countries in the regions organize at least one event : Belizean races, Costa Rican races, Salvadoran races, Guatemalan races, Honduran races, ...

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Marathons in Burgundy

April 19, 2007 14:05   Regions In Memoriam

Until last year, the old duchy of Burgundy welcomed 3 marathons : The marathon des grands crus de bourgogne in Dijon, Marathon des Blues Trotters and marathon du Charolais. But 2006 was the 10th and final edition of the marathon des grands crus de Bourgorgne. For those interested, the domain name www.marathonbourgogne.org is now of sale. The two surviving marathons follow ...

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Marathons in Basse-Normandie

April 19, 2007 13:49   Regions

There are only 2 marathons in Basse-Normandie and the two will be held on the same week-end in June (9 & 10th). Is it due to chance or done on purpose ? The older is the Marathon de la liberté de Caen which will turn 20 years old. The race commemorates the allies La course commémore le débarquement des alliés sur ...

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Marathons in Aquitaine

April 02, 2007 19:17   Regions

With 5 marathons, Aquitaine is one of the French regions that offer the largest choice. Although the region has five differents ‘départements’ the marathons are centered in Gironde that counts four of them. The only exception is Pau’s marathon wich is located in Pyrénées-Atlantiques. Alike Alsace (cf. Marathons in Alsace ), the marathons are mostly rural. Pau is the only big ...

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Marathons in Alsace

April 01, 2007 15:40   Regions

Three marathons are referenced in Alsace. Marathon du vignoble d’Alsace, Marathon du ballon d’Alsace, Marathon du Jura alsacien As suprising as it may seem, none of the big cities in Alsace: Strasbourg, Colmar or Mulhouse host a marathon.This three marathons rural and take a great benefit of the beauty of the landscapes. The first one wanders between the vineyards. The second ...

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Spanish marathons

November 29, 2006 18:28   Regions

We did our best to get an exhaustive list of the Spanish marathons, but we couldn’t get more than 16. If you happen to know any marathon in Spain that is not in our list, please drop us an e-mail at [email protected] or leave a comment. List of Spanish marathons By the way, a Spanish translation of the site is available. ...

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Marathons in Chile

November 12, 2006 18:19   Regions

Chile is the 70 country referenced on 42k195.com. So far, we have found 3 marathons: two on the main land and one on the easter island. If you’re looking for exotic marathons in the southern hemisphere, why don’t you have a look on Chile’s marathons. Marathons in Chile Where will you run your next marathon ? ...

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