2017 – 2018 Ireland Marathon Calendar

The Emerald Isle, as the island of Ireland is often called is logically enough home to a number of scenic runs through the verdant countryside and along craggy coastlines. Indeed, the Dingle Marathon proudly calls itself the scenic marathon and boasts that it takes runners along Slea Head, home to some of the world’s finest views. The Marathon also takes runners through some very spectacular views.

Now the storybook image of the island may sometimes go no further than those lush green landscapes, a few leprechauns and a pint of stout, but Ireland has ever so much more to offer and is also ideal for city runners.

In fact, most of Ireland’s largest towns host a marathon. Thanks to the annual Dublin Marathon, some 10,000 runners hit the streets and get an extended visit of Ireland’s most populous city. Who would not want to take part in what is known as “the friendly marathon”?

And where do you go when you want a Viking marathon? To Waterford, of course. The city of Chrystal is also home to the Waterford Viking Marathon. And no, you don’t need to wear a horned helmet, but would you be surprised to learn that category winners take home a beautiful crystal trophy?

Other city marathons: Cork City Marathon,Marathon

And if you still haven’t found what you are looking for (the lads who sing that are Irish, aren’t they?), you will doubtlessly be pleased to learn that Ireland’s latest marathon is a back to back: the Clonakilty Back2Back Marathons!

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