Worldwide 2017 – 2018 Multiday race Calendar

A Multiday race is an event that is divided in several stages, spread over multiple days. A very long ultra race can last more than one day, but if it is organized as a single stage, ahotu marathons consider it an ultramarathon, and 48h or more races where the duration of the event is fixed are listed in the X-hour races calendar.

306 races

The Last Desert (Antarctica)

November 16, 2018 To be confirmed Race day in about 1 year
Antartica / Aitcho Island
Multiday race
Desert Trail RacingThePlanet Snow

Ultra BOLIVIA Race

September 24, 2018 Race day in about 1 year
Bolivia / Salinas
Multiday race
Trail Canal Aventure UTMB Qualifier

Le Défi de l'Oisans

July 22, 2018 Race day in 11 months
France / Rhône-Alpes / Isère / Les 2 Alpes
Multiday race
Trail Mountain UTMB Qualifier

Les Foulées de la Soie

May 07, 2018 Race day in 9 months
Burma / Yangon
Multiday race

The Lost Island Ultra - Fiji

April 02, 2018 To be confirmed Race day in 7 months
Fiji / Nadi
Multiday race

Trail Europe Croisière

March 29, 2018 Race day in 7 months
Portugal / Porto
Multiday race
Package tour Trail Walk

2XU Jogle

March 23, 2018 Race day in 7 months
United Kingdom / Scotland / Highland / John O'Groats
Multiday race
Road Running Ultra Running Ltd

Asheville Marathon & Half

March 17, 2018 Race day in 7 months
USA / South Atlantic / North Carolina / Asheville
Multiday race
Road Running

Back Country Cuisine Alps 2 Ocean

February 23, 2018 Race day in 6 months
New Zealand / Mount Cook
Multiday race

Ice Ultra

February 20, 2018 Race day in 6 months
Sweden / Lou Lou
Multiday race
Trail Beyond the Ultimate Snow UTMB Qualifier

The Pilgrim Challenge North Downs Way Multistage Ultra

February 03, 2018 Race day in 6 months
United Kingdom / England / Surrey / Farnham
Multiday race
UTMB Qualifier Extreme Energy UK

SuperRace Taiwan Station 134 KM in 3 Days

January 19, 2018 Race day in 5 months
Taiwan / Chunri Township
Multiday race
Hilly Trail
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