Cycling Events

Bike races are rapidly growing in popularity. The cycling industry is booming and new, exciting events are mushrooming on the global map every day. If you don’t have a bike yet, get one soon, join the trend, and add to over 1 billion bicycles around the world.

Race bicycles across the globe

There is a large variety of bike races, from time trials that can take less than 30 minutes, through 1-2 hour criteriums, one day road races, and multi-stage events that span over a few weeks. The shorter events require power and muscular endurance. The longer ones favour versatility, cardio endurance and often climbing or bike handling skills.

Many popular cycling events are not-competitive or semi-competitive, allowing riders to decide if they want to participate for social reasons, to compete or both. Those include cyclosportives, centuries (100 miles) or metric centuries (100 km), Gran Fondo rides (120 km or more), randonneuring events also known as brevets or audax rides (200 km or more) or even bikepacking events that take place over a few days or weeks and require participants to carry all their gear (food, clothes, tent, etc.) on the bike.

Cycling brings together like-minded people from across the world. The sport’s popularity means that anytime you travel to a cycling event, you’re almost guaranteed to make new friends. It’s a great way to see the world.

Whether you’re looking for a local cycle race to introduce you to the thrill of the sport or a more testing trial combined with travel, our cycling calendar has something for you.


Serengeti Marathon

Results : Serengeti Marathon

Last Sunday, the Serengeti Marathon was held in the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania. Here are the results. Marathon Results Top 10 Men 1 ABRAHAM TOO KEN 02:07:02 2 JULIUS KILIMO KEN 02:07:59 3 DUNCAN KWEMBOI KEN 02:08:34 4 ANDREW SAMBU TAN 02:08:57 5 GEORGE NYAMOTI KEN 02:11:49 6 STEPHEN NDEGE KEN 02:12:29 7 MWITA KAPILO TAN 02:15:25 8 NONDIN ALFRED
Serengeti Marathon
Jean-Loup Fenaux | 02 Dec 2014 14:50
Great Barrier Island Wharf to Wharf Marathon
Focus on a race Interview

Great Barrier Island Wharf to Wharf Marathon

Hello, on October 12th 2013, you’ll be organizing the Great Barrier Island Wharf to Wharf Marathon. Can you tell us where it is located? Great Barrier Island is located approximately 90 km off the coast of Auckland City, New Zealand. Auckland is the main port of entry to New Zealand from overseas and travel to the Island is available via small
Great Barrier Island Wharf to Wharf Marathon
Jean-Loup Fenaux | 05 May 2013 10:00
Geiranger Halvmaraton in the snow
Focus on a race

Running up to the summit at the Dalsnibba Run21

Knut Arild Maråk is 31 years old. He lives in Geiranger and works as a researcher for the oil company Statoil. He likes running and cycling in his spare time, and loves hiking during summer and skiing during winter, spring and summer. Knut is a member of the organization committee in charge of the “Geiranger From Fjord To Summit”. On June
Geiranger from Fjord to Summit
Jean-Loup Fenaux | 16 Dec 2010 13:45