Faethon Olympus Marathon 44 km
July 14, 2019

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July 14, 2019
The event starts at 06:00.


Faethon Olympus Marathon

July 14, 2019 (Sunday) - 06:00
Cut off: 12:00 hours
40 kilometers
3,600 meters
3 ITRA Points
10 Aid Stations
Trail Mountainous Mountain UTMB qualifier Solo

The distance of Faethon Olympus Marathon is 44 km, with 3.600 m. height difference.


Moving for about 30 km in altitude over 2000 meters.
Crossing 10 peaks over 2000m altitude.
The route moves on ridges, alpine meadows, cut peaks, ravines, woods and old forgotten paths.
Penetrating the international hiking trails of E4 and O2, the E4 in the ravine of Stalamatias at Calvary in Skolio and Christakis and O2 in the bar until the col on station 5.
The race has 10 stations.


Possible light rain in the morning and afternoon.

12.2°C - 19.8°C (54.0°F - 67.6°F)

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