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Flørlitrappene Opp

June 22, 2019 # 5
The event starts at 12:00.

Flørli is a vacate settlement along the south side of Lysefjorden with 13 housing houses. Those who previously lived on the site were power workers in Flørli.

Maximum there were 30 children at Flørli school and the village had a postoffice and a shop. The school was closed in 1970 and the shop in 1981. Flørli was vacated in 1999 due to automation of power plant operations. Today, some of the houses are sold as vacation cabins and there are rifts about the buildings located in the middle of this tourist pearl. Today there are three permanent residents at Flørli. In 1999, the new power station opens at Flørli, far into the mountain. The old The power station and the stairs are no open for new activities. Flørli has its own art exhibition and in december 2016, there was made a TV program about thos wonderful place.

- Flørlitrappene has become the biggest attraction in Lysefjorden
- Only boat can get you there
- A big pier for smallboats
- There is an cafe in the old power station
- A pub is placed in the old schoolhouse.The race starts at Flørli pier at 12.00. Then continue up the “world’s longest wooden staircase” with 4444 steps. The staircase is 1470 meters tall and has an increase of 741 meters. Along the stairs, the pipes used for power generation were previously located. On the way up there are several rest areas that can benefit from tight leg muscles and quick breath. Next to the stairs there are waier and wooden railings that you can conncet to.

The staircase is up to 50 degrees steep and under you the individual seats will be 4-5 meters. They are numbered wood sign for every 500 steps. At the top of the staircase there will be a drink / food station and a split time, while you can enjoying the spectacular view over Flørlibygda far down there and see Lysefjorden in panorama view.

Further you follow the gravel road towards Stora Flørvatnet (3km.), Here is the highest point of the race at about 829 m.o.h. At Stora Flørvatnet, the road divides and you turn right and follow the gravel road towards Flørli. After about 1km, run off the gravel road and follow the tourist trail. The path goes alternately on mountain, rock, forest and marsh down towards the Fløyrlistølen with a fantastic view down to the fjord. From Flørlistølen it goes steeply down towards Flørli kai with the finish mark on the pier. The race will be well marked with penn-ants and lashes marked with Lysefjord Running.
The race will have an split time on the top of the Flørlitrappers after about 1.5km.
NB! Think about the security.

If you quit the race, it is important that you give immediately inform the race manager(Willy Steinskog Tlf.926 10143). You individual is responsible for walking back to start / destination or places after own wish.

NB! It is not permissible to use spike shoes in the stairs.

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Flørlitrappene Opp

June 22, 2019 (Saturday) - 12:00
Cut off: 04:00 hours
10 kilometers
870 meters
Trail Solo