La Corsa della Bora
January 06, 2018

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January 06, 2018
The event starts at 07:30.
Portopiccolo Sistiana



January 06, 2018 (Saturday) - 06:00
Cut off: 30:00 hours
42.195 kilometers
2,000 meters
Extreme Mountain Range Snow Trail

S1R Realay 40 km
Starting January 5th 6:00 am, the time up to 36 hours.

A completely new concept of the relay and team participation, with the aim of being a challenge not only in running but also in teamwork skills. It is NOT a relay race of individuals, but a team where the four group members act as a unique mind.

S1 Relay: 1 team, 4 paticipants.
Two key rules:
Mixed teams. The male approach to sport that meets the female view of life in a winning combination and synergy, where one compensates and complete the other. Or where they can ignite the most bitter clashes: Ipertrail is this. The meeting of two worlds, the competitive and aggressive male approach, marry with the rational planning of the female side. Each team must be mixed.
Responsible for the team members. Everyone has his habits, his equipment, his preferences. Ipertrail transforms them into group needs: they all run with the same backpack, the same equipment and the relay changeover is passing the backpack. Train every run with the same backpack, even if with different heights, gender and weights. Be responsible for the completeness and integrity of the equipment of the partner: these are the keys of Ipertrail.
Ipertrail Relay requires a strong sense of team cohesion and participation, as this challenge puts the respect for other team members and sacrifice of the personal needs in favour of those of the group, as the founding pillar of success.

The number for participants for the race is capped to 40.


January 06, 2018 (Saturday) - 01:00
Cut off: 35:00 hours
164 kilometers
5,500 meters
Extreme Mountain Range Snow Trail

We have revolutionized the concept of ``100 miles``: in ipertrail makes little sense to speak of km and D +. This, more than being a race, it is a challenge in Resilience. With a capital R.

164 km, 5500 D+ –
A perfect ring, starting by the sea, first along the Gulf of Trieste, then to enter the highlands of the Bora wind, to reach the snowy Mount Slavnik, running on the border ridge between Italy and Slovenia, between Slovenia and Croatia and coming back to Italy on the CAI 3, who became famous for the “Cavalcata Carsica”.

A continuous alteration of fast sections, breathtaking views of the Gulf of Trieste and steep paths in the magical and wild beech forests of Slovenia. A trail that embodies all the variety of landscapes and terrain, from the dry limestone and Dolomite to the snowy peaks of Slovenia. Sections where navigation takes place following the ridges and with GPS along with wild slopes which then lead to easy tracks. Each section is a surprise, every kilometer a challenge in adaptation.
The route will be marked in the main points, the trails are marked with hiking path marks and in some sections with flags, but the use of GPS may be necessary for better comfort. If there is snow, strong wind or adverse conditions may be the only way not to lose time finding the trail.

Ipertrail revolutionizes the concept of “autonomy.” The refreshment points are located 20 km one from another, and they consist in a box. In this case competitors will decide what to find: food and drink from a list provided by the organization or equipment food and drink provided by the competitor. The staff will be present just for emergencies and control, but the management of the resources will be fully left to the participants. It’s true that you can choose what to find at the refreshment points, but it is equally true that the choice will be done before the race, and during the whole course of the race you will have to support yourself with the equipment you have chosen before getting on the trail. This is an equipment and food management strategy, similar of the one you will have in an expedition. A careful planning without underestimating the importance of each variable is the key of success. For the preparation of food and hot drinks will be available for use a camp stove. Plan ahead and not miss the schedule: a key element in the long races. Everything has to be decided in advance, and decisions have to cope with the unexpected. This is ipertrail.

Alone, in autonomy, but always safe. Each competitor will be monitored constantly, 24×24, by satellite by the organization, ready to intervene in case of emergency. A service of rescue satellite call will be available for competitors of the race in order to ensure safety, without altering the spirit of adventure of an extreme challenge as Ipertrail. But not only! If you get lost and you will exit marked trail we’ll know almost in real time, and will warn you with a message! All this is also giving to your friends and family a chance to follow in real time the progress and advancement along the path on the Internet. Ipertrail is an ideal occasion to get ready for big expeditions or long races in the natural environment.

Ipertrail INDIVIDUAL is available on evaluation of the outdoor experience of each candidate. There are no standard parameters: your experience and an interview will be the basis on which we will decide if you are eligible to participate. We do this for your safety.

The number for participants for the race is capped to 50.


January 06, 2018 (Saturday) - 07:30
Cut off: 12:00 hours
57 kilometers
2,500 meters
Extreme Mountain Range Snow Trail

57 km, 2500 D+ from the Carsic plateau swept by the Bora wind to the charming harbour of PortoPiccolo in Sistiana

Here, don’t expect to find two similar sections. There are extremely fast trails, were you will reach your maximum speed, and paths where is not always possible to run. The section in the Rosandra valley will take you trough a Dolomitic-like scenario, with steep grounds that usually are found in high mountains. Here, you will find those characteristics only at an altitude of 400 meters.
The steep and rocky ground, the red soil, the limestone gravels, will run with you near to small “foibe” (deep cracks in the terrain). The unique geological conformation of this land will offer you a wide variety of panoramas, creating a race that constantly chances its looks. Here, every sight is unique.
Starting a downhill towards Slovenia, crossing the ancient Austrian railway and heading towards the Karst plateau swept by the winds of Bora. Here, it will get a view of the Gulf of Trieste and Koper, before tackling the difficult passages of the Val Rosandra, leading, after a steep climb, a race with “sea view”.

The trail will follow the old fisherman trails that is, the original CAI 1 trail before it went under renewed. This race is a running experience along ancient trails that are a secret beauty, unknown even to many expert locals. Fiftyseven kilometers of good reasons to run S1 Trail. Kick off 2017 with a race that is the ideal approach to longer and more demanding ultra trails of the season that is about to begin. This uniqueness, of climatic conditions and of terrain can be found only in Trieste. A completely new race end, which leads to the last km on the rocky beach, 1000 meters way far from “fast and easy”, which will require all the effort: both mental and physical.

The number for participants for the race is capped to 400.


January 06, 2018 (Saturday) - 11:30
Cut off: 06:00 hours
21 kilometers
400 meters
Extreme Mountain Range Snow Trail

A 21 km downhill race? You are probably thinking that this is an easy and fast run. Don’t get confused by the numbers written on a piece of paper: it’s not an easy one! Did you run the 2016 edition, and you think you know what you are going to face? You are far away from the truth! ;)

21 km, 400 D+ e 600 D- from the Obelisco of Opicina to Portopiccolo in Sistiana
logo_s1-half_90This race combines extremely fast sections were your legs will be able to express the maximum speed you can reach, with single track trails where is not always easy to run. The steep and rocky ground, the red soil, the limestone gravels will take you near to small “foibe” (deep cracks in the terrain) in an incredible journey on the Carso triestino.
The unique geological conformation of this land will offer you a wide variety of panoramas, creating a race that constantly changces its looks. Here, every sight is unique.
At all the refreshment stalls you will find “real food” from the local production of the Carso Triestino area.This area is characterized by very small and selected gastronomical excellences deriving from a culture and morphology of the land that cannot support mass production. As a result, the Bora Wind Run will be a unique tour also for your taste.

The number for participants for the race is capped to 400.


Light rain overnight.

9.7°C - 12.2°C (49.5°F - 53.9°F)

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