Reckless Raven 50
July 01, 2018

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July 01, 2018
The event starts at 06:00.


Reckless Raven 50

July 01, 2018 (Sunday) - 06:00
Cut off: 14:00 hours
50 miles
6,000 feet
Extreme Mountain Range Trail

Section 1: Mt McIntyre ski base to Raven’s Ridge (0-6.7 miles, 6.7 miles total)
Mostly hilly single track trails in the forest.
The course begins at the ski base. Runners leave the ski base and run along Copper Trail (wide skate ski trail) before quickly turning onto Birch Trail (single track). Turn left onto Reimer Reason (single track) and join Upper Selwyn Trail (wide skate ski trail) at Fireweed Hut. Cut left across Cox Leg to Lower Selwyn and Wolf Trails (wide skate ski trail), then join 24 Hours of Light (single track) to the 10K Trail and out to the Raven’s Ridge Trailhead and to Aid Station 1.

Section 2: Raven’s Ridge to MacIntyre Marsh/Haeckle Hill road (6.7-9.0 miles, 2.2 miles total)
Creek crossing and only road section of the course!
From Raven’s ridge, runners will cross the shallow McIntyre Creek to reach Fish Lake Road. Runners will have a short run up Fish Lake Road to the start of the Haeckle Hill downhill trail (single track) trail behind Icy Waters where Aid Station 2 is.

Section 3: Haeckle Hill (9.0-12.2 miles, 3.2 miles total)
Steep uphill single track.
Run (or powerhike) up (and up, and up) the Haeckle Hill downhill trail to the summit of Haeckle Hill. Checkpoint 1 will be at the top of the hill.

Section 4: Haeckle Hill summit to south end of Sumanik Ridge (12.2-20.9 miles, 8.7 miles total)
Alpine terrain with 360o view.
Drop down off the other side of Haeckle Hill before climbing back up to Sumanik Ridge. Enjoy spectacular ridge running along Sumanik Ridge. There is no visible trail along the top of the ridge, but flags will mark the route. Be prepared to run in exposed conditions along this ridgetop. Begin the descent off Sumanik Ridge. Aid Station 5 is located halfway down the descent at the junction of a side track cutting up from the valley to the ridge.

Section 5: South end of Sumanik Ridge to Jackson Lake (20.9-24.2 miles, 3.3 miles total)
Downhill and flat ATV trails.
Continue descending from Sumanik Ridge. Follow trail along the north side of Franklin Lake to the south end of Jackson Lake. Expect a small creek crossing in this section. Checkpoint 6 which is also the relay exchange is located at Jackson Lake. At this checkpoint, solo runners will have access to their drop bags, and the second runner of the relay teams will take off.

Section 6: Jackson Lake to Sunshine Valley Ranch (24.2-26.7 miles, 2.5 miles total)
Uphill ATV trail in the forest following McIntyre Creek.
End of Leg 1 and start of Leg 2.

On this leg, runners will climb again on a hilly trail used in winter by mushers and snowmobilers. The end of the leg is at Sunshine Valley Ranch where a community of mushers and wranglers reside. Please respect their privacy. Passed the ranch you will follow a gravel road leading to another crossing of McIntyre Creek where Aid Station 7 is located.

Section 7: Sunshine Valley Ranch to Fish Lake (26.7-34.7 miles, 8 miles total)
ATV trail with open views, alpine terrain and forest.
After the creek crossing, runners will follow a beautiful ATV trail going uphill to the north side of the fish lake mountain ridge. Going up the ridge, you will reach the alpine to reach a second 360o view with the Bonnevilles lakes on one side, and Fish Lake on the other. From the ridge you will follow the hiking/horsepacking trail going down to Fish Lake in the forest and nice views. Aid Station 8 is available at Fish Lake.

Section 8: Fish Lake to Mt McIntyre Ascent Road junction (34.7-38.9 miles, 4.2 miles total)
Uphill trail and single track with breathtaking views.
Join a narrow 4×4 road briefly before joining a single track trail leading up to Knuckle Ridge. Expect a bit of scrambling. Run along Knuckle Ridge and turn right on Starbucks Revenge, then intersect the Mt McIntyre Ascent Road. Go across the road to go up on Blown Away. You will find this intersection later in the course so be careful of taking the right direction. Enjoy the views of Fish Lake on one side and Grey Mountain on the other.

Section 9: Mt McIntyre Ascent Road to Copper Haul Road (38.9-44 miles, 5.1 miles)
Downhill gravel road with awesome views.
At the end of Blown Away, you will reach the Mt McIntyre Ascent Road, but lucky you, you will run it downhill 😉 Run down this dirt road that will lead you to the intersection you met on your way up from knuckle ridge to Blown away. Again pay attention to the signs to go down the Ascent road towards Copper Haul Road. Aid Station 10 will be at the junction with Copper Haul road before you go back on the Mt McIntyre trail system.

Section 10: Copper Haul Road junction to Mt McIntyre Rec Centre (44-50 miles, 6.1 miles total)
Run briefly along the Copper Haul Road (wide gravel road, 1.7 km) and turn right on Copper Trail (wide skate ski trail) to Mordor. Follow Copper Trail to Porcupine Ridge trail (single track). Stay on Porcupine Ridge past Harvey’s Hut, cross Copper Trail, and join Can Can trail (single track). Follow Can Can to Birch trail (single track). Run the last downhill to Copper Trail, and turn left to finish at Mt McIntyre ski base where your superfans are waiting for you with showers and beer.

The number for participants for the race is capped to 100.


Mostly cloudy throughout the day.

5.4°C - 17.9°C (41.7°F - 64.2°F)

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