Run4Bibles 1/2 Marathon Trail Run
March 03, 2018

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March 03, 2018
The event starts at 01:00.



March 03, 2018 (Saturday) - 14:30
10 kilometers

1 Mile Hike -n- Run

March 03, 2018 (Saturday) - 15:00
1 mile


March 03, 2018 (Saturday) - 14:45
5 kilometers

Half Marathon

March 03, 2018 (Saturday) - 14:00
Cut off: 04:30 hours
21.097 kilometers
1,000 feet

Half Marathon Trail Description

After a brief section of wide trail at the start, the loop turns down the secluded BackstagePass trail and up the Park in the Woods trail. The route then breaks out briefly into the sun on the Prairie trail, then back into the trees running the full course of the Bluebonnet and Escarpment trails. One of my favorite sections is the ascent on the Bluebonnet—it’s like running up the bed of a streamlet—which is what it becomes after a nice spring shower. Escarpment is a double-wide gentle descent so you can fly down it as much as you like—but half way down you must take a detour across EM1 and loop back to Escarpment via Red Oak. At the bottom of the hill is an aid station. From the aid station the Half Marathoners continue on to Cattail Pond and onwards to the rocky FossilValley trail. FossilValley has some good climbs in there, and retains a bit of mud for the longest time after any rains. You also get to take in the downhill on Trout Lily. At the top of the ridge you catch a brief section of the Cattail Pond trail before turning off onto Cedar Brake. This trail gives you a couple of good miles to stretch your legs, along with a few good climbs. Half way along this trail is another aid station. You return briefly to the Cattail Pond trail before turning off to run the Possumhaw trail. Coming out of Possumhaw trail, you get to race to the half-way line amid roaring cheers. Then you get to turn around and run it all again for the bragging rights of being one trail-tough Half Marathoner.
10K Trail Description

The number for participants for the race is capped to 225.


Clear throughout the day.

5.1°C - 20.8°C (41.2°F - 69.4°F)

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