Stasny Road Racing 5K Prediction Race

Stasny Road Racing is resurrecting an event from Ashtabula County past! We are happy to announce the Stasny Road Racing 5K Prediction Race!

How does a 5K Prediction race work? Simple! During the registration process, you will enter an estimated finish time. This will be your official guess! Your goal is to run a 5K and finish with a time (+/-) of your official estimated finishing time without any timing aids. Awards to the top 5 runners closest to their official estimated finishing time.


You must enter your official prediction during registration in the “Estimated Finishing Time” section.Watches, GPS, stopwatches, phones, music or headphones/ear buds, measuring wheels, sundials, etc. are prohibited. These items are considered an unfair advantage and the participant will be disqualified.
If you are found to be using a timing device to aid in accomplishing your finishing time, Stasny Road Racing will disqualify you and you will not be eligible for any awards.In the event of a disqualification, no refunds will be given.
Your official time will start when you cross the starting line and will finish when you cross the finish line. Chip time will be used to score the event.Tie Breaker will be higher overall position.

Event Fee:

$20 until April 5th, 2021$25 until April 22nd, 2021$30 until April 24th, 2021

First 100 Registered will receive a Stasny Road Racing Water Bottle.

Race will be seeded Fastest to Slowest.

Masks- Masks must be worn during packet pickup. Masks must be worn at the start line. Masks can only be taken off once the race starts any you are clear of the start line. Once you finish, you will need to get the mask back on. This is nonnegotiable per local health department. 

Stasny Road Racing Covid-19 Safe Restart Plan-

We have been working with the local health departments to create a plan that is approved countywide. Here are some of the highlights and new requirements:

Please understand that we are moving forward with a “live” race. This does not guarantee that the race will proceed as planned. If the health department deems the race unsafe due to increased spread of the Coronavirus, they may force us to transition to a virtual event. There will be no refunds if the race is canceled and transitioned to a virtual event.

I, as the participant of this event, understand that Stasny Road Racing is working with the respective health department. In the event that someone that participates in this event and becomes systematic and/or tests positive for the SARS Covid-19 Virus in the days following the race, Stasny Road Racing will turn over all information of every participant in the corral of the infected individual and anyone that we think may of been in prolonged contact with during this event. This is an effort of the Local Health Department contact tracing program. In this situation they may, but not limited to, call you or schedule an interview with you to see what your contact with the infected individual or relationship with this individual was.Participants are required to be completely self-sufficient. No water stops or refreshments will be provided on the course. Single use water bottles will be used at the finish line for finishing participants.
Participants must follow all CDC safe distancing guidelines.Participants must be in good health and symptom free from any illness for at least 2 weeks prior to the event. After picking up their race number and upon approaching the starting line participants are required to immediately begin their race. Participants will not be allowed to congregate or conduct any race preparation (warm-ups, stretching, adjusting or changing apparel, etc.) in the starting area. Participants should approach the starting line ready to run. Except for passing, participants should always remain on the far left-hand side of the roadway. Participants passing one another on the course must adhere to “no drafting” rules which include being no closer than 10 feet behind or in front of, or 6 feet beside other competitors at any time. Participants may pass only when there are not any oncoming runners approaching from the opposite direction. Before passing participants must be sure they can safely remain 10 feet behind and then 10 feet in front of the participant being overtaken before merging back to the right- hand side of the pathway. Participants may utilize the far left-side of the roadway. Running on the sidewalk area along the roadway in order to maintain a safe distance from other competitors is allowed.Participants must follow all instructions of the course marshals/volunteers.Participants must know that this racecourse is an open course. This means there is traffic on the roadway and must yield to traffic at all times. When crossing an intersection, the participant is required to look both ways before proceeding, even if that means coming to a complete stop during the race.Upon completing their run and crossing the finish line participants must continue moving towards the exit of the finish area. Participants will be required to leave the finish line area and proceed immediately to their vehicle as soon as they complete their race. No congregating of any type will be permitted either before, during, or after the event. There will be a participant cap of 130 participants for each event. Proper social distancing and no mass gatherings will be achieved through use of corrals, designated start times and wave starts of 5-minute increments. Participants must select a starting corral time block during online registration.
Everyone must register online, no exceptions.There is a limit of 10 starting positions available for each starting time slot. These are available on a first come, first serve basis. In order to maintain safe distancing and traffic control on the racecourse, participants must start during their selected starting time slot. Participants will not be allowed to approach the starting line until 5 minutes of their starting time or if the previous corral has vacated.

Your “wave start time” will be based off of your estimated finish time. Your official wave start time will be emailed to you the night before the event. Please check your emails the night before the event. 
Registered participants will be permitted to “check-in” no sooner than 30 minutes prior to the scheduled start time for their corral.

Please understand that we are moving forward with a “live” race. This does not guarantee that the race will proceed as planned. If the health department deems the race unsafe due to increased spread of the Coronavirus, they may force us to transition to a virtual event.

“Responsible Restart Ohio- General Non-Contact Sports”- 

April 24, 2021


5K Prediction Race
April 24, 2021 (Saturday) - 09:00
5 kilometers
Solo Road


Apr 24 2021 : Clear throughout the day.
-1.0°C - 15.3°C (30.2°F - 59.6°F)

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The information about this race is based on information provided by the organisers or found on the official website of the event. Always check the official website for up-to-date information. If you have noticed any mistake, let us know at [email protected]
Last checked on 2021-04-20


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