The 15th Morris Mauler 5k XC / TRail RACe (Fall/Hibernation Edition)

Please note that by lack of information, the event has been archived.
October 10, 2015

"The 15th Morris Mauler 5k TRail/Xc RACE":      -    A brutal Stretch of Hills and Cross country Running in beautiful Lewis Morris Park in Morris Twp, NJ The best and toughest 5k race in New Jersey, Bar none. This is a Cross Country / TRail  / Hybrid Racing experience. The Toughest, Meanest, Nastiest, Bad Ass   5k in New Jersey. Guaranteed to be much much slower than your anything else 5k anywhere else in NJ, as long as they actually measure it. This is a 5k RACE or Hard Run on tough hills.

This is the FALL guys, come out and see the colors of the Leaves…………… nicer, much better than the crappy artwork I did above……

 New:::: "……   FREE "RACE INSURANCE,   …….   - ANY RUNNER who notifies the race director 7-10 before race will get a free entry to any "one" of the next "3" Morris Mauler ‘s or any RunnersMeca Race including any New Jersey Trail Series Race !!!! ((put on by Runner’s Mecca, the "Original" New Jersey TRail SEries.) (circa 2003)    (8 tough & differents races throughout the year in NJ) (if less than 7 days, you will only be given credit for 1/2 entry into a race you choose and notifiy Runner’s Mecca. No notification before race time, you forfeit your entry fee,( we want to be able to "TRY" and fill your positition), since nearly all of our races fill to capacity, we want to have you "run" our races, not take your $ for not ever showing up. We have to purchase food, shirts, etc for all races by 1 month before the event. We have to fill the event to cover our costs, so we give you the option to postone your entry for Free. If we don’t fill your spot, the race loses money, and our proceeds to local running clubs and youth running, especially TRails & Cross Country, will be diminshed. We don’t want that to happen, and neither do you, we hope, so enter early an save $. !!!!

Proceeds of Race: (a portion of the proceeds of the Morris Mauler, and Summer Screecher Races will go to The Local Running Clubs "Master’s & Open Racing Teams" and youth running programs.


Entry Fee is only $29 until June 30th. The best Value for what you get at a Trail RACE. We will never Gouge our runners with monumental entry fees. You will always get a great Race and great Bar Be Cue / Refreshments after our event and the best Awards around for the winners of age groups, Most Improved, overall and especially at our Handicapped Staggered Start event for Morris Mauler Runers Only (limited newbies)

This is a RUNNER’S RACE put on BY RUNNERS…………….. HARD CORE TRAIL / CROSS COUNTRY RUNNERS, Distance Runners, Runners who train hard race hard and are always looking for a challenge. We have done Mount Washington Road Race, Boston Marathon (Oldest and Best Marathon in the USA), New York Marathon) , National Cross Country Championship Races, Mountain Races, The Best Trail Races in the USA, (non-Ultra’s) (except Dipsea, which is difficult to get into, oldest race in America in Trail racing, oldest race overall) GrandFather Mountain Marathon (#3 hardest Marathon in Country), God’s Country Marathon ( #7 hardest Marathon in the Country), Berwick Marathon 9 Miler, very very Hilly, it is called "The Run for the Diamonds" (oldest Road Race in the USA), Gate River Run, San Francisco Marathon, Mardi Gras Marathon (in New Orleans), The BoilerMaker, Joanie’s Race, JFK 50, Nearly "all" of the great trail races in the Northeast (non-Ultra), the Prestigious Adirondack Marathon in The Adirondack National Park (1st), Paul Bunyon Marathon, and many more so we want you to have a great experience at our event and we do everything we can to make it the BEST and HARDEST 5k you will probably ever do, unless you head out west and do some real tough [email protected]#%&T. This race is all about you and our Morris Mauler Family. Come to a good old fashioned Race and be treated in our friendly/happy/party/picnic / and abusive (the course) way. See you in the FALL.
Web Site: See for course records, past results and course photos!

"T" Shirts:Choice of 2 different color of shirts available for purchase, only $5 for our famous beautiful "T" Shirts are extra, as most of the people who run this crazy/dumb/hard event already have a shirt. First Come first serve for choice of color. "T" Shirts available to post entrants while supply lasts.

What ? – The toughest, nastiest, meanest 5k in New Jersey!

Featured Hill ! – Known as The B*st*rd. You’ve run faster, now come run The B*st*rd.

Details of Race – It’s guaranteed to make you finish minutes slower than your average 5k.
Be prepared to do your Personal Worst time! You will not look pretty after the race, or think highly of the organizers of this brutal event. The event is not for wimps, Mud run Pansies, Spartan Run Pansies and just plain old regular pansies, [email protected]$$es, flatlanders, whiners, belly-achers, or just some crybaby. You must be tough to run this race.

Difficulty rating Scale: Hillometer Chart Rating – 9.1 (10 being extreme hills, 1 being flat as a pancake)

Agility / Stability Scale (Terrain) – 4.3 (10 being very rocky, uneven footing, 1 being relatively easy footing. )

Refreshments/Post race gathering – Refreshments including Fruits, Beer, Sports drink, Snacks and a cookout will be provided at race. There will be a post-race picnic/Social @ the park immediately after the race. 

Directions from Rt. 24 - Lewis Morris Park is located Adjacent to Jockey Hollow National Park in Morris Twp NJ.
From the East Take Rt. 24/510 West to Lewis Morris County Park entrance(3 miles west of Morristown). From the West, take 24/510 East to Entrance of Lewis Morris Park.n @ 270 Mendham Rd (rte 513/24) (approx 3-4 miles east of Center of Mendham. Follow road to Sugarloaf/Mendham Overlook parking areas. Park in lots on your left. Parking is limited, so CARPOOL and arrive EARLY !!

Online Registration Fee is $29, $20 for Kid’s Mini Mauler , 2500 meters (New event) until June 30th. Price does not include a shirt(most people have a shirt so we offer without shirt price) (shirts $5 @ race, choice of colors 1st arrive, 1st choice). $33 after July 4th till Sept 11, 2015, Sign up early to save money. Last minute entries are hard to plan for with food and the number of shirts to order, so please sign up early. 9/12-10/2 the fee will be $37(without shirt), $42 up to 10/8/2015( includes a shirt). After October the 2nd the Fee is ($42, Which guarantees a shirt and is included) ($25 for the Paul Krentar Mini Mauler after 10/2 for the 2.5K ) Race Day fees are all $5 more but all races are limited entry events, so enter early… Please… late entry is difficult to get all info in computer, so we encourage earlier entry and reward those people with our fee schedule, we we will close when race capacity is full. (check to see if race is still open, we will issue invites to requests for RACE DAY as we CANNOT go over our park maximum amount regulations) All Walks are $25 and "include a shirt"

Limited Race DAy Sign up, go to this page for instructions to post enter or send [email protected] an email and I will issue an invitation to post enter. We have park regulations and limitations. We will close when full.

The Online registration !!!!!!! Closes Thursday October 8th, @11:59 PM Prices does not include a shirt. EXCEPT for ALL WALKS WE WILL SHUT DOWN REGISTRATION WHEN CAPACITY IS REACHED CHECK HERE FOR UPDATES 

The information about this race is based on information provided by the organizers or found on the official website of the event. Always check the official website for up-to-date information. If you have noticed any mistake, let us know at [email protected]


The "Kodiac Cardiac Hike of the Goats" 3.1m (5k) walk/hike on 2 loops of the famous Morris Mauler Course. (non-competitive)

October 10, 2015 (Saturday) - 10:15
3.1 miles

A Tougher Walk/Hike on 2 loops (3.1 Miles/5k) of the Famous Morris Mauler course. Walk amenities include our beautiful Morris Mauler “bearpaw” “T”- Shirt and all the food, chili, and junk you can stuff into your system afterwards. A good hike to learn how to climb hills and appreciate a beautiful park in a nice walk and share our picnic with us. Some people are here anyway to cheer on the runners, so join in and cheer them on the course and get a good walk/workout/picnic party too. This is a Family Event!!!!!!! We will save you some food…..

The New 1st time ever "Paul Krentar Mini Mauler" for Kids 16 + <

October 10, 2015 (Saturday) - 10:15
1.55 miles

For Kids 16+ < to experience a good challenge on 1 loop of the NEARLY FAMOUS Morris Mauler course. 1/55miles (2.5). Named after a Huge Supporter of all our Trail Races who just loved running this stuff and inspired to never give up on keeping it going. #12 Morris Mauler was in his Honor. … So that kids can grow up big and strong physically and Mentally (mens Sano, Corpore Sano) Bring your kids, the race is kids friendly………This is a Family Event!!!!!!!

The Morris Mauler 5k XC / TRail RACe (Fall/Hibernation Edition)

October 10, 2015 (Saturday) - 10:15
5 kilometers

Tough 5K Cross Country / Trail race with 4 brutal uphill stretches. Guaranteed to be a challenge
to any runner. Located in Beautiful Lewis Morris Park. A very scenic location for a race.

Remember: This is a limited Entry event (we have a maximum capacity from the park and course limitations, we cannot exceed that. Race closes down when full.

Race Day Registration MIGHT be available if the race is not full.

The New 1st time ever "Marvin's Walk of Fame" 1.55m (2.5k) Walk/Hike on 1 loop of the famous Morris Mauler course.(non - competitive)

October 10, 2015 (Saturday) - 10:15
1.55 miles

A Walk/Hike on 1 loop 1.55 Miles (2.5k) of the Famous Morris Mauler course. Walk amenities include our awesome Morris Mauler Racing “T” shirt and all the food, chili, and junk you can put in your system afterwards. A good hike to learn how to climb hills and appreciate a beautiful park with a nice walk and share our picnic with us. Some people are here anyway to cheer on the runners, so join in and cheer them on the course and get a good walk/workout/picnic party too. This is a Family Event!!!!!!! Named after the BEST VOLUNTEER/HELPER in all of Road Race and TRail Race History for the STATE OF NEW JERSEY (many races directors voted him this honor). He was @ 10 of 11 of our First events doing what any 10 people could do. He loved to help out and this was his favorite race. #12 Morris Mauler was in his Honor.