Press Release

2013 Great Lake Walk and Ultra Marathon cancelled due to lack of participants

05 Sep 2013 00:00
Jean-Loup Fenaux

It is with a heavy heart that the Great Lake Walk (GLW) Society must announce that this year’s Great Lake Walk & Ultra Marathon has had to be cancelled.

Deadline time has arrived and there simply were not enough registrations received this year to cover even the basic costs of safely hosting this year’s event.

While the Great Lake Walk Society members can trim certain costs to a bare minimum, safety and comfort of participants and volunteers was held in high regard and costs for this could not be cut.

Coupled with lack of registrations, the GLW Society has also experienced a decrease in sponsorship commitment from other partners involved in making an event of this caliber viable and successful.

The decision had to be made by September 5th due to pending deadlines for implementation of all the final details of hosting an event of this nature (toilets, rest stations, food, insurance, t-shirts, prizes, buses, first aid, supplies and volunteers – just to name a few).

The Great Lake Walk Event has been running since 2002. During this time, participants have collected over $700,000 for charities of their choice and over 360 charities have benefited from this event.

This event has had tremendous economic spinoff for the Cowichan Lake area and will be sadly missed this year.

In 2002 there were approximately 779 participants and over the last few years numbers have stabilized to approximately 350. Unfortunately, this year numbers dropped off to below 160. People are overcommitted and just can’t do it all. For some, the walk/run around Cowichan Lake is a gruelling personal challenge. Training for an event like this begins early in the year.

Organizers are already working hard for next year’s 2014 event in the hopes that participation and sponsorship numbers will climb back up again. Watch for updates on the website including information on the new team option. Visit for all the details. For more information please contact: Joan Hieta, Chair, Great Lake Walk Society 250-749-3707 [email protected]