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400 marathons available

19 Nov 2006 18:54
Jean-Loup Fenaux

The 400 marathons level has been reached.

The 400 marathons are scattered on 79 different countries.

<!—more—%> The last marathons references where in malaysia. Marathons in Malaysia

http://marathons.ahotu.com/race/ http://marathons.ahotu.com/race/penang_bridge_international_marathon http://marathons.ahotu.com/race/putrajaya_international_marathon

If you like the site or would like to improuve its content, do not hesitate do drop us an email at [email protected] The first feedbacks we’re recieving are really exciting. Thanks to all.

If you know a marathon that is not listed in www.42k195.com, please let us know. As soon as the race is a marathon (or really close to) and has an updated website, it is eligible.

We hope to reach the 500 limit within the next few weeks.

Where will you run your next marathon ?