42k195 gets a new member!

05 Feb 2009 20:24
Jean-Loup Fenaux

Hi folks! From here on, there will be more wacky life on the other side of your screen. Let me introduce myself before it gets too cold for a jog (and we all get our daily schedules spoiled). My name is Luis Arribas; a 38-year-old inhabitant of the marathon planet. I will be posting mostly from Madrid, Spain. JL has given me the marvellous chance to be part of this project and, I must say, it is tougher than squeezing the miles from the road.

After running my 49th marathon (or longer) I am thrilling towards my ‘half century’. What have I learned from all these years of action? Always do look for a marathon where all these factors get into melting: fun, fun & fun.  Oh mama, what is this guy asking us for? Only one thing. Most of us will be too old or dead within 50 years. Of all the choices we have to spend our existence in a sound way, why not to enjoy a 26 mile event?

Road, trail, track (I can tell you, I run a 6h track event last December and it is one big thing!) whatever the formula, no matter if a 15.000 field or a sixty nutters fun run… explore our 42k195 site and make a choice. It can be a gorgeous historic marathon experience or a cheap saturday morning plan.

Phew, so you are telling me you have no time to cruise our web? Is it that all options are too tempting? Ok, just follow me through this blog. Can you pass me the chef’s knife please? We’d better get this started and chopped!

Best, Luis. [next marathon: 15th March, 50k IAU Ultra Madrid, ESP]