8 questions to discover a marathon : Laguna Phuket International Marathon

15 Jun 2008 20:55
Jean-Loup Fenaux
Focus on a race Interview

Julien Hatton accepted to answer my few questions about the Laguna Phuket International Marathon a few days ago. Julien is a member of the Go Adventure Asia team who is organizing the marathon.

1) Hello Julien, on June 15th, you’ll be organizing the Laguna Phuket International Marathon. The marathon will celebrate it’s 3rd anniversary this year. Why was it created in the first place? How has it evolved the past 3 years ?
This project came up a few years ago from Go Adventure Asia which was approaching Phuket island resort owners to encourage them to be involved in a marathon. Actually the Phuket Triathlon has known a steady success in the past years and is now considered as Southeast Asia’s premier triathlon event, but a marathon was missing.

The marathon has been established and welcomed by Laguna Phuket a bit after the Tsunami disaster as en event to revive its famous tourist destination attractiveness and attract a new target of customers via sports tourism.
Celebrating its 3rd anniversary, the Laguna Phuket International Marathon is increasing and growing up through the years, from about 2 000 participants in the first edition to over 3 000 runners the year after, this event is really getting on a good track after this successful start. For this next edition, we expect more than 4,500 participants including 2,000 international runners from more than 45 countries.

2) What kind of route have you set up for the runners? How would you describe it?
The marathon course is an out and back course with a loop for the last 7km. The course is flat for the first 11 km with some rolling hills up ahead in the distance, between km 11 and km 15. km 23 and km 28 and again between km 35 and km 37.
The half marathon follows the marathon course and turns at km 9 of the marathon course. It the follows the marathon course back to the finish line, so except between km 14 and km 16, this race is flat.
The 10.5 km Run and 5 km Walk are flat loop courses looping around Laguna Phuket.

phuket 2

3) Do you organize other races during the Week-End? If so, on what distances?
As noted above we will offer different races in order to satisfy in most of needs and integrate different types of runners. The Marathon will start first and will be followed with a Half Marathon, a 10.5 km Run, a 5 km Walk and a 2 km Kids Run.

4) How many runners do you expect on Sunday morning? What type of runners do you plan to attract?
We expect about 4,500 runners participating in the different races of this event. This event has a charity-oriented and green environment purpose, the level of runners is quite diverse and all members of family can subscribe and participate at this enjoyment so as to promote a comprehensive and open event.

5) At that time of the year, what kind of weather can we expect?
June is the beginning of the green season so rain showers may occur especially during the night. The air at this time of the year is quite humid with temperatures ranging from 23 C in the morning rising to app. 30 by noon.

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6) Have you planned festivities around the marathon?
The festivities and different kinds of activities have been planned to develop a large event with all types of enjoyment. The expo will take place from Friday to Saturday before the race and will hold a conference where the Japanese eco-marathoner Hajime Nishi will share his ‘Slow is beautiful’’ philosophy. He will also introduce a photo contest to which all participants are welcomed to join during the race day.

Moreover the Laguna Phuket International Marathon has nominated HOPE Worldwide as its official charity. HOPE Worldwide in Thailand is dedicated to helping needy children and underprivileged girls and will encourage people to contribute by raising money through their participation.

The Pasta Party and Farewell Party will complete the program to bring together participants and give a chance to talk to other competitors while enjoying delicious dishes at a five star location.

7) The marathon finished, what advice would you give a runner who has never been to Phuket before? A good restaurant, a fancy sightseeing?
Phuket Island is now famous and well-known for beautiful spots and marvellous sightseeing activities, Nevertheless I would suggest two fancy restaurants which should let an unforgettable taste of heaven in mouth. Puccini Restaurant at Sheraton Grande Laguna Phuket is considered one of the best Italian restaurants on the island. For some of the best Thai menus on offer check out the Ruen Thai at Dusit Thani Laguna Phuket which offers a wide range of sumptuous Thai food.

8) In a single sentence, what would you tell the readers of 42k195 to make them register for the Laguna Phuket International Marathon?
Run Paradise !

Thank you Julien.

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