A brand new design

21 Jan 2007 17:49
Jean-Loup Fenaux
About Ahotu

Goodbye original design

Today, we can say goodbye to the original design of www.42k195.com. Since Novembre 2006, the home page showed the list of the next marathons. But studying the navigation paths of our visitors on Google analytics, it became clear that most of them didn’t figure out that the marathons list could be viewed on a map.
That’s too bad because we are convinced that searching for marathons on a map should be the reason why people come to www.42k195.com in the first place.

A brand new design
In the new design, the home page combines the list and the map view. There is no need to click from one to the other view.
By default, only the marathons of the current month will be displayed, but you can easily change the preset criteria the display the marathons you like or the whole database.

The size of the icon used to display the marathon location has been reduced to make the map more readable even with a large number of races displayed.

The page showing detailed information on the marathons has also been revised to show a tidier design. The information shown is more compact and we hope more easy to extract information from.

As the traffic on the site is growing, we wanted to help visitors promote www.42k195.com. So we added an add to delicious button (save this page) and also provided a send to a friend button in the marathon page.

We hope you’ll like it…

Where will you run your next marathon ?