A new start for 42k195.com

23 Sep 2009 07:39
Jean-Loup Fenaux

For more than two years now, 42k195.com has helped you when you where looking for new race to run. During this period, the number of marathons followed on the site has dramatically grown. Today, with more than 1150 active marathons in 91 different countries, the website has become a reference for marathon runners all over the world.

During Fall, the website will move to the next stage with the release of a new version.

  • A new nameIn order to mark this new start, the website also changes its name. Say goodbye to 42k195.com and welcome ahotu marathons.

    Logo ahotu marathons

    Why ahotu ? Ahotu is a polynesian name. It’s translations could be ‘May the never-ending blow bring its fruits’. Ahotu will gradually open itself to other times of races (I’ll come back to that topic later).

  • New functionalities.
  • Full text search : Type one or several keywords in the search box visible on all pages and get all the corresponding races.

    Full text searchl

    Example : The list of races corresponding to the keyword rock.

  • A Race Locator to find the races closest to a specific place.

    race locator

  • You can also browse the whole calendar and fine tune your search step by step. Start from all the races available and select one by one the criteria that matter to you :
    • Race type (Half , marathon, ultra-marathon, …)
    • Year / month
    • Continent / Country / subdivisions (state, canton, region, department)
    • Tags

    You can easily get to the list of ultra marathons ran in France in the Bas-Rhin for example, or the trails organized in California in March.

  • A wider database of races.Many users have asked us to widen the spectrum of races presented on the website. Until now, we only focused on the 26.2 mile races. The new website shows races going from half marathons to ultra marathons and multiday events. This enlargement of the database alone was a good reason to change the name of the website. Ahotu presents all types of ‘marathons’. The coverage of these new types of races is, at the time I’m writing this post, far from complete, but we will add new races on a daily basis, just as we did for the marathons. The new website already shows 1600 races ran in 110 different countries. If you have new races to propose, send us an email at [email protected]. You can also participate by adding your own comments on the races, as well as links to relevant external sites or your own tags. All you need is to create an account on the new website and your’re allowed to add you own data. Creating an account has never been so easy. If you already own an account on Facebook, Google, Twitter, Yahoo or Windows Life, a few clicks will enable you to link this account to ahotu marathons!
  • A new design. The new website has been designed to highlight the new functionalities, unclutter the information page and ease browsing through the website.
  • The URL of the new website is http://marathons.ahotu.com.

    It is still in beta test. So if you encounter a bug or if you want to suggest anything to improve the site, do not hesitate to send us an email at [email protected] All constructive remarks are welcome to help us make ahotu marathons easier to use.

    42k195.com will migrate to the new site step by step. The first step is to migrate the blog blog.42k195.com to marathons.ahotu.com/blog. I’ll keep you informed of the next steps on this blog.

    I hope you’ll enjoy using this new website as much as we enjoyed creating it.

    See you soon on marathons.ahotu.com !

    Jean-Loup Fenaux