ahotu Marathons launches a new mobile website

18 Mar 2014 06:56
Jean-Loup Fenaux
About Ahotu

Today I’ve launched a new version of the website optimized for smartphones and tablets. Find out more about the new website and give us feedback.

New version


The site has been designed to give you a better reading experience. The presentation has been simplified and the size of the text has been increased to make the articles and the calendar more readable especially on a smaller screen.

The sidebar that was present on all pages has been removed to leave more space to the content. This enables for example the advanced search, to provide a much larger map.


Overall you’ll find that the website is faster to use. A special attention has been paid to make the pages load faster. Some non-essential elements have been removed to make browsing the site on a mobile platform more pleasant.

Responsive across devises

The new website has been designed to be responsive. This means that the pages will scale up from smaller screen smartphone to tablets or to desktop computers. Each page will adapt its content to the size of the screen available.

new version - advanced search desktop

Organizer’s section

The section of the site organizers use to update information about their races has not been adapted yet to the new design. It will be in a future release. I couldn’t wait to make all visitors benefit from the new website with no further delay.


If you have any suggestions on how we can make the website even better, don’t hesitate and share it with us. You can send your feedback to the [email protected]