Where can you run this week-end?

April 21-22 : Where can you run this week-end ?

20 Apr 2007 15:20
Jean-Loup Fenaux

After Paris and Boston, it’s time for London and Madrid to enter the dance.Our world tour this week will visit 8 different contries, mainly Europeans.United States :Charlottesville Marathon (Saturday)United Kingdom :Flora London Marathon (Sunday)Lochaber Marathon (Sunday)Spain:Maratón de Madrid (Sunday)Sweden:Skövde Marathon (Saturday)Poland:Maraton Wroclaw (Sunday)Italy:Maratona Sant-Antonio (Sunday)Maratone internazionale città di Napoli (Sunday)Maratona dei Castelli mediaveli will be held on Wednesday 25th.Netherland:ING Bank Enschede Marathon (Sunday)Serbia:Banca Intesa Belgrade Marathon (Saturday)Germany:Leipziger Marathon (Sunday)

Where will you run your next marathon ?