August 2014: Ultramarathons Calendar

01 Aug 2014 02:00
Jean-Loup Fenaux

Here is a selection of Ultramarathons organized in August 2014 that were previously featured in our monthly newsletter.


Tara UltramarathonVidikovac TaraCredit : Tara Marathon

Serbia – Bajina Basta

This is a mountain race. It will take you through the mountain and the Tara National Park. Starting in Bajina Basta, it runs through roads and hiking paths of one of the most attractive mountain in Serbia before finishing in Bajina Basta.

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Fat Dog 100 Trail Race: 120 mileCredit : Heather Macdonald

Canada – British Columbia – Keremeos

Stunning alpine views, meadows of wild flowers, good mix of technical and non-technical trails. This is what you can expect on this point-to-point, challenging race. The lake awaits you at the end for a recovery bath.

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100MeilenBerlin Credit : 100MeilenBerlin

Germany – Berlin – Berlin

The course of the race is simple. It follows the Berliner Mauerweg (the former Berlin Wall). It is mostly paved and flat. Run through history.

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Tous les Ultramarathons organisés en August


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