August 2016: Ultramarathons Calendar

01 Aug 2016 02:00
Jean-Loup Fenaux

Here is a selection of Ultramarathons organized in August 2016 that were previously featured in our monthly newsletter.


Lean Horse 100
Lean Horse 100 - Mile 45 - Winds
Credit : Mary Flaws

North America – USA – West North Central – South Dakota

You’ll run along the Mickelson Trail, through the Black Hills of South Dakota. You’ll run on crushed limestone and gravel since the trail was originally a rail line linking Edgemont to the gold mines of the Deadwood area.

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Violate Trail Challenge 100 km
Vuokatti Hills

Europe – Finland – Eastern Finland

The fairly challenging route mainly follows the UKK Hiking Trail. You will discover the wilderness of the central region of Finland.

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Merrell Whale of Trail
Credit : Mark Sampson

Africa – South Africa

You’ll embark on a 53 km challenge along the iconic Whale Trail, its spectacular mountain fynbos, technical rocky ridgelines, sandy beach stretches and beautiful vistas.

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All Ultramarathons organized in August


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