August 8 - 10 2014 - Where can you run this week-end?

08 Aug 2014 01:00
Jean-Loup Fenaux

275 races are organized during next week-end in 22 different countries. Good luck to you if you are taking part in one of these events. Don’t forget to come back to ahotu Marathons to share your experience with us.

Have a great run !!

Marathon de Paris - Tour Eiffel
Credit : ahotu Marathons

Ahotu_178e7dc499f92b59d84a Australia

New South Wales

Emu Creek 10k Trail Run (Sunday)

Emu Creek 20k Trail Run (Sunday)

Emu Creek 40k Trail Run (Sunday)

Emu Creek 5k Trail Run (Sunday)


Lamington Eco Challenge Sunday Marathon (Sunday)

Lamington Eco Challenge Two Half Marathons on Two Consecutive Days (Saturday)

Lamington Eco Challenge Two Marathons on Two Consecutive Days (Saturday)

Lamington Eco Challenge Saturday Half Marathon (Saturday)

Lamington Eco Challenge Saturday Marathon (Saturday)

Lamington Eco Challenge Sunday Half Marathon (Sunday)

Ahotu_38dee2e9bf1319cbdffb Austria

Ganghofer Trail Leutasch Halbmarathon (Saturday)

Ganghofer Trail Leutasch 12 KM Lauf (Saturday)

Kainach Bergmarathon (Sunday)

Ahotu_df23e37ef9fb773740e8 Belgium


100 km Dodentocht® (Friday)

Ahotu_6795a5e624f1622b0bf3 Canada

British Columbia

Loop the Lake 10 km (Saturday)

Loop the Lake Half Marathon (Saturday)

New Brunswick

Ben’s Marathon by the Sea – 10K (Sunday)

Ben’s Marathon by the Sea (Sunday)

Ben’s Marathon by the Sea – Half Marathon (Sunday)

Nova Scotia

Age of Sail 5K (Sunday)

Age of Sail Half Marathon (Sunday)

Age of Sail Marathon (Sunday)

Age of Sail 10K (Sunday)


Demi-Marathon de Mont-Tremblant – 10 km (Sunday)

Demi-Marathon de Mont-Tremblant (Sunday)

Demi-Marathon de Mont-Tremblant – 5 km (Sunday)

Ahotu_5d16c798b1713934efdc Denmark


Winforce 50 km (Saturday)

Winforce 100 km (Saturday)

Ahotu_26e5f4d3970adb6b57f5 France


Trail Ubaye Salomon (Sunday)


Trail du Pays du Châtaignier – 12 km (Saturday)

Trail du Pays du Châtaignier – 25 km (Saturday)


10km de la Vallée de la Clarée (Sunday)

Semi Marathon Névache Briançon (Sunday)


Trail des Boudinaïres (Sunday)

Trail des Boudinaïres – 8 km (Sunday)


Trail des Crêtes des Montagnes Noires – 12 km (Sunday)

Trail des Crêtes des Montagnes Noires – 33 km (Sunday)

Ahotu_fffd0b607b8778bee13c Germany


Güttersbacher Volkslauf 10,5 KM (Saturday)

Güttersbacher Volkslauf 7 KM (Saturday)

Güttersbacher Volkslauf Halbmarathon (Saturday)

Lower Saxony

Bokeler Straßenlauf 5 KM (Saturday)

Bokeler Straßenlauf Halbmarathon (Saturday)

Bokeler Straßenlauf 10 KM (Saturday)

North Rhine-Westphalia

Sparkassenlauf rund um Schloß Wittringen Halbmarathon (Sunday)

Sparkassenlauf rund um Schloß Wittringen 5 KM (Sunday)

Monschau Ultra-Marathon (Sunday)

Nordkirchener Halbmarathon (Saturday)

Sparkassenlauf rund um Schloß Wittringen 10 KM (Sunday)

Monschau Marathon (Sunday)


Ostroher Langlauftag (Sunday)

Ahotu_0fef4266f24b50a1820d Iceland

Fire and Ice (Sunday)

Ahotu_d0894414add4b00cff84 Ireland


Connemara 100 (Saturday)

Ahotu_9911bc83d6ce29773496 Isle of Man

Isle of Man Marathon (Sunday)

Isle of Man Half Marathon (Sunday)

Ahotu_add3cc93efa9170be4d3 Italy


Seventh Marathon – Day 7 (10th of August) (Sunday)

Sixth Marathon – Day 6 (Saturday)

Fifth Marathon – Day 5 (Friday)

Ahotu_02709e001e6681b995c5 Latvia

SEB Kuldiga Half Marathon (Saturday)

Ahotu_7eee2af8d9a48f4235c0 Malaysia

Rise ‘n’ Run 3 km Fun Run (Sunday)

Rise ‘n’ Run 5.5 km (Sunday)

Rise ‘n’ Run 7 km (Sunday)

Ahotu_53c487b30e965e713fa7 Mauritius

Ferney Trail – 10 km (Saturday)

Ferney Trail – 4 km (Saturday)

Ferney Trail – 17 km (Saturday)

Ferney Trail – 35 km (Saturday)

Ahotu_8ba05e8b062cfdf6002c Netherlands


Stortemelk Halve Marathon (Sunday)

Ahotu_a4cbbf1b6597b7fd3b83 Paraguay

Maratón Internacional de Asunción – 10 km (Sunday)

Maratón Internacional de Asunción (Sunday)

Ahotu_3c1809f603f0f63063a1 Spain


Carrera de Montaña Albentosa – 24 km (Sunday)

Carrera de Montaña Albentosa – 12 km (Sunday)


L’Esquella (Saturday)

trailSERIES Poblet-Prades Nocturna – 20 km (Saturday)

Cursa del Fau (Sunday)

Cuca de Llum (Saturday)

Principality of Asturias

Ruenes Trail (Sunday)

Maratón por Equipos Solidaria de Laviana (Saturday)

Ruenisca (Saturday)

Valencian Community

Camins de Cabres – Media Maratón (Saturday)

Camins de Cabres – Maratón (Saturday)

Ahotu_a56d9e29abd014637a65 Sweden

AXA Fjällmaraton (Saturday)

Stockholm Ultramarathon 50 km (Saturday)

Tierra Arctic Ultra (Friday)

Stockholm Ultramarathon 100 km (Saturday)

Ahotu_5431aef4336e722831e2 Switzerland


Glacier 3000 run (Saturday)


Trail Marathon 70 KM (Saturday)

Trail Marathon 45 KM (Saturday)


Sierre-Zinal 31 KM (Sunday)

Ahotu_bba79c9e4f9321814582 Tunisia

Zriba Night Trail 16 km (Sunday)

Zriba Night Trail – Randonnée 5 km (Sunday)

Ahotu_597d7614a0b1922677c0 United Kingdom

Argyll and Bute

Isle of Mull Half Marathon (Sunday)

Isle of Mull 10 km (Sunday)

East Lothian

H.E.L.P Half Marathon (Saturday)


Sherwood Pines 10k Trail (Sunday)

Sherwood Pines 5k Trail (Sunday)


North Downs Way 100 (Saturday)


Salisbury 54321 Marathon (Sunday)

Salisbury 54321 30 km (Sunday)

Salisbury 54321 Half Marathon (Sunday)

Salisbury 54321 5K (Sunday)

Salisbury 54321 10K (Sunday)

Salisbury 54321 50K Ultra Marathon (Sunday)

Ahotu_abc779e2d55a765e25b4 USA


Resurrection Pass 50 Mile Ultra Trail (Saturday)

Mineral Creek Half Marathon (Sunday)

Six Days in the Dome – 48 Hour Race (second start) (Friday)

Six Days in the Dome – 24 Hour Race (second start) (Saturday)

Resurrection Pass 100 Mile Ultra Trail (Friday)


Big Brothers Big Sisters 5K Fun Run (Saturday)

Big Brothers Big Sisters Half Marathon Run/Walk (Saturday)

“Dave McKay Memorial” 5K Fun Run (Saturday)

“Dave McKay Memorial” Half Marathon (Saturday)


Summer Showdown Marathon (Sunday)

Arroyo Creek 10K (Sunday)

Arroyo Creek 5K (Sunday)

Arroyo Creek Half Marathon (Sunday)

Stairway To Heaven Half Marathon (Sunday)

Stairway To Heaven 15k (Sunday)

Cool Moon 25M (Sunday)

Cool Moon 14M (Sunday)

Cool Moon 50M (Saturday)

Cool Moon 100M (Saturday)

Santa Cruz Half Marathon Trail Run (Saturday)

Santa Cruz 10K Trail Run (Saturday)

Santa Cruz 30K Trail Run (Saturday)

ABWR Summer Breeze 5K (Saturday)

ABWR Summer Breeze Half Marathon (Saturday)

ABWR Summer Breeze 15K (Saturday)

ABWR Summer Breeze 10K (Saturday)

ABWR Summer Breeze Marathon (Saturday)

Summer Showdown Half Marathon (Sunday)

Summer Showdown 5k (Sunday)

Summer Showdown 10k (Sunday)

Summer Showdown 15k (Sunday)

Crystal Springs Half Marathon Trail Run (summer) (Saturday)

Crystal Springs Trail Marathon (summer) (Saturday)

Crystal Springs 5 Mile Trail Run (summer) (Saturday)

Crystal Springs 22 Mile Trail Run (summer) (Saturday)

Crystal Springs 50 Km Trail Run (summer) (Saturday)

Quake and Shake Half Marathon (Sunday)

Quake and Shake 10K (Sunday)

Water To Wine Half Marathon (Sunday)


Mt. Sneffels Half Marathon (Saturday)

Georgetown to Idaho Springs Half Marathon (Saturday)

Telluride Mountain Run (Saturday)

Beaver Creek Half Marathon (Sunday)

Telluride Mountain Hill Climb (Saturday)

Beaver Creek 10K (Sunday)

Beaver Creek 5K (Sunday)

Ragnar Relay Colorado (Friday)

Mt. Sneffels Marathon (Saturday)


Little Tybee Conquest Half-Marathon (Saturday)


Standhope 25 K (Friday)

Idaho Falls Half Marathon (Saturday)

Standhope 60K (Friday)

Nite Lites 10K (Friday)

Nite Lites 1 Mile Run/Walk (Friday)

Nite Lites Half Marathon (Friday)

Nite Lites 5K (Friday)


Zooma Chicago 10K (Saturday)

Zooma Chicago Half Marathon (Saturday)


Potato Creek Trail Run Marathon (Saturday)

Potato Creek Trail Runs 60K (Saturday)

Potato Creek Trail Runs Half Marathon (Saturday)


Amana Colonies Back Road Half Marathon (Saturday)

Amana Colonies Back Road 5K (Saturday)


Run For Your Momma Half Marathon (Saturday)

Run For Your Momma 5K Run/Walk (Saturday)


MD Heat Race 25K (Saturday)

Ben Moore Memorial Half Marathon (Saturday)

Ben Moore Memorial 10K (Saturday)


Sweltering Summer Half Marathon (Saturday)

Sweltering Summer Ultra (Saturday)

Sweltering Summer 5K (Saturday)

Sweltering Summer 10K (Saturday)

Sweltering Summer Marathon (Saturday)


Veggie Run Mile Fun Run (Saturday)

Veggie Run 5K Challenge (Saturday)

Veggie Run Half Marathon (Sunday)


Ruby Mountain Relay (Friday)

Genoa Peak Madathon (Saturday)

Genoa Peak Half Madathon (Saturday)

Extraterrestrial Full Moon Midnight Marathon (Sunday)

Extraterrestrial Full Moon Midnight 51 km (Sunday)

Extraterrestrial Full Moon Midnight 10km (Sunday)

Extraterrestrial Full Moon Midnight Half Marathon (Sunday)

New Hampshire

Monadnock Half Marathon (Saturday)

The Run Baby Run Baby Ultra 25 Miler (Saturday)

Monadnock 5K (Saturday)

New Jersey

Wildcat Ridge Romp 100k (Saturday)

Wildcat Ridge Romp 50M (Saturday)

Wildcat Ridge Romp 50k (Saturday)

Wildcat Ridge Romp 10M (Saturday)

New Mexico

Lovelace Rio Grande 5K Run/Walk (Sunday)

Resilience 1 Mile Run (Saturday)

Resilience 5K Run (Saturday)

Resilience Run Half Marathon (Saturday)

Lovelace Rio Grande Half Marathon (Sunday)

New York

Beast of Burden Summer 100 Miler (Saturday)

Beast of Burden Summer 50 Miler (Saturday)

Camp Chingachgook Challenge 10K (Saturday)

Camp Chingachgook Challenge Half Marathon (Saturday)

North Dakota

Badlands 50K (Saturday)

Badlands 50 miler (Saturday)


Mount Carmel Columbus 5K (Sunday)

Mount Carmel Columbus Half Marathon (Sunday)

Mount Carmel Columbus 10K (Sunday)

Happy Half Trainers’ Half Marathon (Saturday)


Mt Ashland Hill Climb Run (Saturday)

Bridge of the Gods 10K Run (Sunday)

Bridge of the Gods Half Marathon (Sunday)

XTERRA Trail Run Hagg Lake10K (Sunday)

Alsea Falls Summer Fest 10K (Sunday)

Crater Lake Rim Runs Marathon (Saturday)

Crater Lake Rim Runs – 13 miles (Saturday)

Huckleberry 10K (Saturday)

Crater Lake Rim Runs – 6.7 miles (Saturday)

XTERRA Trail Run Hagg Lake 1/2 Marathon (Sunday)

XTERRA Trail Run Hagg Lake 5K (Sunday)

Mt. Ashland Hillclimb Run (Saturday)

Alsea Falls Summer Fest 5K (Saturday)

Alsea Falls Summer Fest 20K (Sunday)

Huckleberry Half Marathon (Saturday)

Haulin’ Aspen Marathon (Saturday)

Haulin’ Aspen Trail Half Marathon (Saturday)


Half-Wit Half Marathon (Sunday)

South Dakota

Victoria Secret Dirty Half (Saturday)


Rock/Creek Still Hollow 10k (Saturday)

Rock/Creek Still Hollow Half Marathon (Saturday)


Colorado Bend – 30k (Saturday)

Colorado Bend – 60k (Saturday)

Colorado Bend – 10k (Saturday)


Hit And Run 5K Salt Lake City (Saturday)

Mapleton Moonlight Half Marathon (Friday)

Provo River Trail Half Marathon (Saturday)

Park City Trail Series 15K (Saturday)

Kat’cina Mosa 100K Mountain Challenge Run (Saturday)

Famous Fruit Way Half Marathon (Saturday)

Beaver Outlaw 5K (Saturday)

Beaver Outlaw Half Marathon (Saturday)


Kingdom Run 10K Run & Walk (Saturday)

Kingdom Run 5K Run & Walk (Saturday)

Kingdom Run Half Marathon (Saturday)


Martha Moats Baker Memorial 50Km (Saturday)

Lynchburg Half Marathon (Saturday)

Lynchburg 5K (Saturday)


Magnuson Series – Summer Fitness Day 15K Run (Saturday)

Magnuson Series – Summer Fitness Day 5K Run/Walk (Saturday)

SPS # 4 Riverside State Park 5 Mile Race (Saturday)

Magnuson Series – Summer Fitness Day 10K Run/Walk (Saturday)

Mud and Chocolate Soaring Eagle Park Half Marathon (Sunday)

The Mighty Tighty Whitey Run (Sunday)

Race the Reserve Whidbey Island Half Marathon (Saturday)

Race the Reserve Whidbey Island 10K (Saturday)

Race the Reserve Whidbey Island 5K Fitness Run/Walk (Saturday)

Magnuson Series – Summer Fitness Day Half Marathon (Saturday)

SCOTT Cougar Mountain Series 13 Mile (Saturday)

SCOTT Cougar Mountain Series 26 Mile (Saturday)

Angels Staircase 60K (Saturday)

Guerilla Running Transcendence 12-Hour Ultra Endurance Challenge (Sunday)

SPS # 4 Riverside State Park Half marathon (Saturday)

Angels Staircase 35K (Saturday)

Mud and Chocolate Soaring Eagle Park 4.5 Mile (Sunday)


Full Moon Race – 1/2 Marathon Plymouth to Kohler (Saturday)

Full Moon Race 5K Run (Saturday)

Sheboygan County Half Marathon – Full Moon Race (Saturday)

Kiwanis N.E.W. Road Race Championships 5K (Saturday)

Paavo Nurmi Marathon (USA) (Saturday)

Gopher to Badger Half Marathon (Saturday)

Kiwanis N.E.W. Road Race Championships Half Marathon (Saturday)

Gopher to Badger 5K (Saturday)

Leinenkugel’s Pure Water Days 4 Mile Run (Saturday)

Leinenkugel’s Pure Water Days Half Marathon (Saturday)

Leinenkugel’s Pure Water Days 2 Mile Fit Walk (Saturday)

Leinenkugel’s Pure Water Days 1 Mile (Saturday)


El Vaquero Loco 50K (Saturday)

El Vaquero Loco 25K (Saturday)