Big Red Run 2016 Stage 4

27 Jun 2016 22:00
Niandi Carmont
Big Red Run 2016 Stage 4Credit : Ian Corless

Make Hay While the Sun Shines


Big Red Run: 30km
Little Red Run: 17km

Big Red Run 2016 Stage 4Credit : Ian Corless

Today’s course was a loop starting and finishing at camp 1 & 2. Last-minute changes due to the flooding meant that the course had to be remarked. The sun was out and although night temperatures were close to freezing, the day temperatures soon rose. Runners were treated to bright blue skies, only the hint of a breeze and a course which took them along the top of Big Red, the highest dune in the Simpson Desert. From the top you had a view of flooded salt flats and an unusually green desert. The dune ridges were covered with desert flora – bunches of Australian scented cress and yellow tops. And some runners even sighted trains of camels. The course was flattish, mainly along the dunes to avoid the clay and mud.Times were fast with the first Big Red runner coming in well under 3 hours:

James Kohler 2:56:03
Elisabet Barnes 2:59:45
Andy Dubois 3:01:04

Big Red Run 2016 Stage 4Credit : Ian Corless