Bosowa Half Marathon 2015 in Indonesia

04 Feb 2015 06:20
Jean-Loup Fenaux
Press Release

Bosowa Half Marathon (BHM) 2015 will be held in Makassar, on Sunday March 1, as the culmination of Bosowa’s 42nd Anniversary celebrations. This year the BHM will diferentiate itself from past races by taking place in conjunction with the Culinary Festival in Lapangan Karebosi, from February 27 to March 1. Makassar is known for its traditions and culinary specialities belonging to four major ethnic groups, the Bugis, the Makassar, the Mandar and the Toraja. Bosowa wants to introduce these unique foods to participants from outside South Sulawesi and from the province after the run.

Competition will be held in six categories, as follows: 21K Open (foreigners and Indonesian nationals apply), the 21K Closed (only Indonesian nationals apply), 21K Master (for runners 40 years old and above), 10K closed (only Indonesian nationals apply), 10K students (for runners 16 years old and below) and 5K closed (only Indonesian nationals apply). The specified age conditions are of age 10 for the 5K category, age 12 for the 10K, and age 18 for the 21K category. Participants aged between 10 and 17 years old should include a letter of permission from their parent or guardian.

In addition, the track also goes through various of Makassar’s attractions and icons, including Fort Rotterdam and the Mandala Monument, which honours the liberation of West Irian from colonial forces.

BHM 2015 is open to foreigners and Indonesian nationals. Indonesian citizens have special advantages, as they can compete for six positions, while foreigners are limited to three.

The Chairwoman of Bosowa’s Anniversary Comittee and Director of the Bosowa Foundation, Ms. Melinda Aksa, revealed that the half-marathon is targeting more than 4000 participants. In order to attract more applicants, the committee has prepared a tempting prize: a total cash prizes of Rp. 402 million.

All participants will receive exclusive BHM2015 shirts, bags, waterproof chest numbers, chip timers, as well as drinking water along the route. Chip timers can be taken home as a souvenir. Further, all participants who make it to the finish line will receive a medal.

To become a participant, the application fee is Rp. 250.000 for the 21K category (Close, Open, Masters). For the 10K Closed category the fee is Rp. 150.000, and Rp. 100.000 for the 5K Closed category. Students will be given a special fee of Rp. 75.000 for the 10K category. Registration can be done online at