Boudalia and Toniolo faster than all crowded Marcialonga Running Coop in Italy

02 Sep 2015 10:35
Jean-Loup Fenaux
Press Release
Credit : Newspower Canon

Said Boudalia of Morocco wins Marcialonga Running Coop event in Italy Italy’s Gualdi and Lanziner complete the male podium Deborah Toniolo seizes women’s gold and beats Patelli Around 1600 participants from 23 nations

Said Boudalia of Morocco has today won his first ever Marcialonga Running Coop in Trentino region (Italy). Italy’s Giovanni Gualdi came in second, only 9 seconds behind, while Peter Lanziner completed the male podium, third. Deborah Toniolo of Italy grabbed the victory among women leaving back three times Marcialonga winner and today’s super favourite Eliana Patelli. Laura Giordano got the third spot on the female standings.

‘I came here to win today – claimed Boudalia after the 25.7k race from Moena to Cavalese, at the foot of the Italian Dolomites – and it’s been a tough race since Gualdi moved back in towards the end. I took some risks at the very beginning, I knew I had to push hard and so I did after six kilometres, the race was too slow at that point and I could no longer wait’. Boudalia was second last year and in 2012 when the winner was Italian Giovanni Gualdi who did his best today, ‘I thought I could make it along the final uphill – said Gualdi – unfortunately Said already had a good gap and managed to keep it until the very end. He did a fantastic race and the whole event was once again perfectly set by the local organising team.’ The 2013 winner and last year’s bronze medallist Lahcen Mokraij of Morocco closed fourth behind local runner Peter Lanziner.

On the women’s side, Deborah Toniolo of Italy had no rivals and beat three times Marcialonga winner Eliana Patelli. Toniolo won the Italian event in 2004 too. ‘It was my first real race test this season after a long and tough training period in Saint Moritz. I’m so happy I got to win here once again after 11 years.’

Today’s race was the last step of Combined Event ‘Punto 3 Craft’ – together with the Marcialonga Cycling Craft road race and last January’s ski-marathon. Thomas Bormolini and Sarka Zelenkova grabbed the 2015 title.

About 1600 participants from 23 nations took part in today’s Marcialonga Running Coop event and were all welcomed by a warm and sunny day at the foot of majestic Dolomites in Trentino region (North-Eastern Italy).


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1 Boudalia Said Atl.Biotekna Marcon 01:21:33
2 Gualdi Giovanni Corrintime 01:21:42
3 Lanziner Peter U.S. Quercia Trentingrana 01:23:34
4 Mokraji Lahcen Runners Valseriana 01:24:14
5 Tsegaye Jonas Atl. Casone Noceto 01:24:46
6 Milella Francesco A.S. Quelli Della Pineta 01:24:59
7 Jbari Khalid Athletic Club 96 01:26:35
8 Leonardi Massimo U.S. Monti Pallidi 01:27:26
9 Sacchet Lucio Ana Atl.Feltre 01:27:53
10 Simion Giancarlo Atletica Silca Vittorio V.To 01:28:34


1 Toniolo Deborah C.S. Forestale 01:31:55
2 Patelli Eliana Atl. Valle Brembana 01:33:43
3 Giordano Laura Atletica Silca Conegliano 01:37:20
4 Mazzel Arianna Atletica Fassa 08 01:42:15
5 Cunico Maurizia Vicenza Marathon 01:43:25
6 Santamaria Marta Atletica Brugnera 01:44:02
7 Moroni Federica Golden Club Rimini Internat. 01:45:42
8 Confortola Giovanna Marathon Club Livigno 01:46:39
9 Tenaglia Cristina Atletica Trento 01:50:33
10 Grindberg Mona Stamina Team 01:50:52

Combined Event ‘Punto3 Craft’


1 Bormolini Thomas Ita 08:27:59
2 Holmstrand Martin Swe 09:11:34
3 Barp Toni Ita 09:21:41


1 Zelenkova Sarka Cze 07:49:03
2 Tarter Roberta Ita 07:53:12
3 Dalpiaz Giovanna Ita 08:21:55

Team Men

1 Bosin Simone, Griot Roberto, Monteleone Giuseppe 8:27:04
2 Marta Franco, Giacomuzzi Matteo, Vuerich Alessandro 8:34:12
3 Dapra’ Markus, Chiocchetti Federico, Planchesteiner Antonio 11:51:02

Team Women

1 Boscheri Luisa, Stonfer Lorenza, Svaldi Donatella 09:50:27
2 Sturz Elena, Sturz Giulia, Sturz Silvia 13:10:31