Press Release

Capacity reached for first two RunCzech races

05 Dec 2014 17:20
Jean-Loup Fenaux


Credit : RunCzech

Capacity for both the Sportisimo Prague Half Marathon and the Volkswagen Prague Marathon has been reached at the beginning of December already. Start numbers for these two races have been snapped up in record time, just three months after opening the registration process and almost 4 months before the first RunCzech race in 2015 season.

“Last year saw us close registrations for the Sportisimo Prague Half Marathon on 13 December which was followed by the Volkswagen Prague Marathon at the end of the year. It’s happened significantly earlier this year which confirms the growing interest in running and running races,” Race Director Václav Skřivánek reveals.

The course which leads runners through the heart of the Czech capital Prague attracts an ever growing number of participants each year from all over the country as well as from abroad. Limits do however apply to the numbers of runners the historical city centre can accommodate. This is why for the first time ever, the organizers have capped capacity for the first two RunCzech Running League races in 2015 at the previous year’s figures. A total of 12,500 runners will take part in the Sportisimo Prague Half Marathon (28 March), followed by 10,000 for the Volkswagen Prague Marathon (3 May).

Even though capacity has been reached, a few options are still available for runners to pick up a start number for the first two Prague races. “The first of these is to get in touch with the RunCzech charity partners or to put your name down on a waiting list. We also offer packages including start number and trainings at the RunCzech Running Mall, the centre of running excellence in Prague. Runners also still have the opportunity to sign up for relay and team runs,” Skřivánek says. Runners are advised to check out the complete overview of non-profit organizations offering start numbers and information regarding the ‘Conquer the Race’ package online at

Spaces for the remaining RunCzech Running League races 2015 are also rapidly disappearing. A little over 60% of start numbers are currently available for Mattoni Karlovy Vary Half Marathon (23 May, 2015), České Budějovice (6 June, 2015) and Olomouc (20 June, 2015) Half Marathons with a somewhat higher percentage of numbers still up for grabs for the RunCzech Running League autumn races; the Birell Prague Grand Prix (5 September, 2015) and the Mattoni Ústí nad Labem Half Marathon (12 September, 2015). When it comes to the spring held events, participants are still able to pick up start numbers at discounted rates until 10 January.