Défi Beauceron

25 Oct 2012 19:59
Jean-Loup Fenaux
Focus on a race Interview

§staticmap(13214,5,400,267)Hello. You are organizing the Défi Beauceron 21.1km on June 23, 2013. Could you please tell us where it will take place?

As its name implies, the Défi Beauceron (Beaceron Challenge) takes place in Beauce, in the Chaudière-Appalachian region of Quebec. More precisely, in Saint-Prosper, a town located one hour south of Quebec City, where each year the now famous Marathon des Deux-Rives takes place.

For how many years has the race existed and why was it originally created?

The Défi Beauceron has existed for three years already. The team of organizers created this race to get people in the region moving and to offer local athletes a race worthy of the most popular races in Quebec. The 21.1km will be in its first edition in 2013, since earlier formats did not offer such long distances.

What type of course can the runners expect? Can you describe it?

The Beauce landscapes have no reason to be jealous of the big towns in Quebec. The journey will allow the runners to discover the charms of the region whilst following beautiful nature paths. Despite the fact that the region is hilly, the route was planned to allow runners of all standards to complete the 21.1km successfully – the differences in levels will therefore be slight.

How many runners are you expecting on Saturday morning? What type of runner are you expecting to attract?

Credit : Défi Beauceron
With the addition of the 21.1km test to the Défi Beauceron, we are hoping to welcome more than 1000 runners to Saint-Prosper on June 23. As in previous years, we are hoping to receive athletes and Sunday runners from more or less everywhere in Quebec, in addition to numerous local participants. We would also be pleased to see some runners from abroad joining our event!

Have you planned any other races during the Weekend, and if so, for which distances?

On June 23, in addition to the 21.1km, there will be other tests such as a 10 km, a 5 km, a children’s 2 km, as well as a 5 km for walkers. All start-times will be in the morning.

At this time of year, what weather conditions are expected?

The average conditions for this time of year are approximately 18 degrees in the morning and 20 degrees in the afternoon. With the sun reaching full strength by the end of the morning, you must therefore be well hydrated before, during and after the race!

Credit : Défi Beauceron
Have you planned any special festivities around the race?

As our event is meant to be very family-oriented and without pretension, the afternoon is devoted to families and children. Indeed, inflatables are set up near the arrival area and participants can have a bite to eat with hot-dogs at lunchtime.

Having completed the marathon, what would you advise a runner who has never been to Saint-Prosper? A good restaurant, a nice visit?

As the tourist site of Beauce can confirm, the region is packed with tourist attractions. A few kilometers away from the event, you will find the village of pioneers, the miniature village and plenty of other places to discover! Otherwise, you can quite simply visit restaurants, shops and clubs in the region to confirm the rumor that the locals of the region are very welcoming!

In one sentence, what would you say to the readers of ahotu Marathons to make them want to register for the 21.1km Défi Beauceron?

Our race offers a good challenge, in one of the most beautiful regions of Quebec, and in addition, the Défi Beauceron is a race with no pretension, where the competition is friendly and where people leave with a smile, no matter what their performance is!

Interview de David Roy one of the organizers of the Défi Beauceron along with Jean-François, Karen, Bruno and Pierre. David is a runner too! With a few half marathons under his belt already, he is hoping to complete his first marathon next year.