Don't forget any item before you leave for a marathon travel

18 Feb 2008 23:12
Jean-Loup Fenaux
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Haven’t you ever felt helpless, before a race or after one because you have left a item at home that you now badly need ?

I always loved to read and use pre-travel checking list. They are quite useful when you travel overseas. And they are all the more useful when you travel to run a marathon.

You can find many travel checklist on the Internet. My preference goes to the One page travel checklist.

Blaine Moore, the author of the Run to win blog, has created a very useful checklist dedicated to runners. It helps listing all the items you may need at different moments of your journey :

  • Pre-race bag
  • post-race bag
  • luggage

Pre-race checklist generator - run to win

It is not a fixed list, but a real tool that enables you to edit the list and personalize it according to your needs. You can :

  • Reorder items
  • Change the label of Items
  • Add Items
  • Move an item from one list to another…

The list will be generated as a PDF file that you will be able to print and finally check.

This is a tool I certainly will use for my next marathon. You should give it a try too. Great job Blaine !