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Don't Panic and have fun at Laguna Phuket International Marathon!

27 May 2010 00:00
Jean-Loup Fenaux

Only 18 days until the Laguna Phuket International Marathon 2010. After a couple of tumultuous weeks in Bangkok calm has returned to the capital. The Thai government has assured the international community that it will continue to pursue the roadmap for reconsiliation involving all parties of the conflict. Live in Bangkok has returned to normality with shopping malls and hotels again opening for business and the public transport returning to full operation by this week.

Luckily for the event, Phuket has not been under the state of emergency and has not directly been affected by the political troubles. Transiting through Bangkok and visiting Phuket and neighbouring provinces is considered as safe as it has always been but we recommend that you continue to check the latest travel advisories for Bangkok and the Northern and Northeastern provinces.

Below you will find some tips that may help you in your final preparations for the event.

DON’T PANIC AND HAVE FUN at Laguna Phuket International Marathon!

So you have signed up to run your first marathon, or perhaps the half or quarter marathon in Phuket. With race day of 13th June just half month away, your training has probably had it’s ups and downs, but you’ve found your groove and got your miles in. But what a moment – is that a little bit of butterflies I can sense?!

It’s absolutely normal for a runner to worry about if everything will go to plan, if you will finish the race (you will), and if you will reach your target time (perhaps a visit to the temple is in order?!). Everyone has been there, and the great thing about the Laguna Phuket International Marathon is that, come race week, there’ll be thousands of other people just like you to share the fantastic experience.

Here are some lessons learned from a first time marathoner, I hope it is useful for you.

Dare to try

There will always be a first time. Many times before a race, I have a bad day, or week, I want to sit on the couch drink and feel sorry for myself. Yes, I was even coming up with excuses to miss the race. During the taper period, when exercise endorphins drop off (like your mileage) it is normal to feel a bit grumpy. Just remember, you’ve come this far, and it’s way better to try, than not even make the starting line!

Tell the whole world you are going to do a marathon

Oops. Me and my big mouth. Before I knew it I’d told one person, then another, and then everyone knew I was going to run a marathon. If I backed out, what would I have told them when I returned? Go on, send that group email, or update your facebook status. You could even consider running for charity – then you’ll get heaps of support from your friends and family.

Enjoy the process

You will miss all the beauty around you if you only focus on the timing! Palm trees, beaches, buffalo, rice fields, rubber plantations, temples, the market, and typical rural Thai life going on around you.

Take it easy if it is your first big run

It is easier to improve next time around. If you meet your target in your first race there’s nothing left to strive for on your next!

Set a realistic target – and stick to it

Completing a half marathon in 2 hours (or any other time) does not mean you can complete a full marathon in twice the time.

It pays to be prepared

Being prepared does not mean booking your post- race Thai massage in advance! Prepare for the race carefully during your training period and in the final 24 hours. We’ll have more on the final 24 hours in the next newsletter.

Get a running mate

It is always useful to have someone to motivate you to train and enjoy the race together. Who are you going to celebrate with after your race? So what if your friends are faster? They can wait and cheer!

Talk to strangers

During your big race this will not only take your mind off the race, leaving you feeling less tired, you make new friends and may gain some new insights from others. There are heaps of interesting people to talk to, just like you, and it’s running that had brought you together. Look out for the star of the weight loss TV reality show Asia’s Biggest Loser champion, Garry Holden in the half marathon. Keep your eyes open for Catwoman too!

Go slow to go fast

Remember that story about the Tortoise and the Hare? It’s true. Starting slowly, and keeping a steady pace in the first half of your run will give you the confidence to push a little further in the second half. It’s everyone’s dream to run a ‘negative split’, but few can achieve it. Hold back at the beginning and you will reap the rewards in both time and energy towards the end of your run.

It is all about you

Do not compare yourself to others (though we all find this tough). Do not lose heart if you are overtaken by others. Remember, this is your own race. Others may have run many marathons and trained harder than you.

You are a winner when you cross the finish line. That’s why everyone gets a medal!

We look forward to seeing you soon.

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