Brixen Dolimiten Marathon

Hannes Rungger and Edeltraud Thaler win Brixen Dolomites Marathon

30 Jun 2014 08:35
Jean-Loup Fenaux
The challenging Brixen Dolimiten Marathon drew 400 runners in the Dolomites this weekend. Runners had to climb 2,340 m over the marathon distance. The race starts in Brixen, 560m above the sea and finishes at Plose hut, at an altitude of 2,450m. Hannes Rungger won the men’s race in 03:25:28 and Edeltraud Thaler the women’s race in 04:19:38. 350 participants crossed

Vice world champion dominates 2nd Brixen Dolomiten Marathon

28 Oct 2011 08:34
Jean-Loup Fenaux
Hermann Achmüller (3:35:40) and Edeltraud Thaler (4:09:59) win the 2340 m altitude difference in a track record time Vice world champion Hermann Achmüller and Edeltraud Thaler are the winners of the 2nd Brixen Dolomiten Marathon. The thermometer showed -0.2°C when Achmüller reached the finish line after 3:35:40; with this time he bet his last year’s result with one and a half