From Fairbanks to Boston: 50 Great U.S. Marathons

22 Jan 2009 17:16
Jean-Loup Fenaux

A few month ago, after interviewing him about the Yakima River Marathon, Bod Dolphin was kind enough to send me a copy of the book he participated in the writing : From Fairbanks to Boston: 50 Great U.S. Marathons

From Fairbanks to Boston : 50 Great U.S. Marathons

This isn’t the kind of book you read form the cover to cover. But I really enjoyed reading it chapter by chapter. What I really loved, is that the marathons are described from the inside.

The writers really make you feel what it is like to run the marathon. How was the organization, the course, the race packet ? Is is easy for supporters to navigate along the route ? You’ll find all these answers in most of the chapters. So this book can really be a good guide to help you select your next marathon. If 50 marathons are not enough, well will be glad to help you. ;-)

It could also be helpful for the runners who are about to run their first marathon. They’ll get a feeling of what it is to actually run the distance.

You should check the chapter on the Yakima River Marathon written by Bob where shares his special experience as a participant as well as as a runner.

Aaron Scwartzbard recall his peculiar story about the Boston Marathon. He didn’t like waking up early, taking the bus to the starting line and then waiting until noon. So he decided with a group of friend to run his way to Hopkinton, running the whole marathon in reverse!

This book shows the vast diversity of races available in the US. I strongly encourage you to read it.