July 2016: Half Marathons Calendar

01 Jul 2016 02:00
Jean-Loup Fenaux

Here is a selection of Half Marathons organized in July 2016 that were previously featured in our monthly newsletter.

Half Marathons

Fuji Mountain Race – Summit RaceCredit : Antonio Tajuelo

Asia – Japan

The race goes straight to the top of Mount Fuji: a really challenging 3,000m climb.

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Shoreline Half MarathonShoreline half marathonCredit : jaxon0

North America – USA – Pacific – California

The race follows a two loop course along the Ventura Ocean front boardwalk and up the Visa Del Mar ridge offering great views on the Ocean.

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Frome Half MarathonFrome Half Marathon Butts HillCredit : simon davis

Europe – United Kingdom – England – Somerset

The course runs through the streets of Frome and surrounding countryside before finishing at the Frome Town football Ground.

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Beach Babe Half MarathonCredit : tracie7779

North America – USA – Pacific – California

This is a women-only race, run on trails and paved beach path in Long Beach.

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Tre Campanili Half MarathonCredit : Cesare Monetti

Europe – Italy – Lombardy

The race celebrates its 10th anniversary. Starting and finishing in Vestone, the course offers a 1 000m elevation gain.

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All Half Marathons organized in July


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