Kars Marathon, Turkey’s highest road running event starts on Sunday

12 Jun 2014 10:45
Jean-Loup Fenaux
Credit : Kars Marathon

MCR Racesetter, the creators of the Iznik 130K Ultramarathon (see our interview) are organizing a new event this weekend: the Kars Marathon.

The race is held in Kars, in the northeastern part of Turkey, near the Armenian Border. Kars is an ancient city that used to be the Armenian Capital in the 8th century. The race starts in Ani, a ruined medieval city, known as the “city with 1000 temples”.

The race is held during the Kars International Culture & Tourism Week of Kars.

On 15th of June, the “Ultra Marathon” will take place from the Ani Ruins to Kars. The course will approximately be 45 km.

The “Castle Run” is starting in front of the Kars Museum. 10 km route follows the “Big Tur of Kars” to the castle.

The route is the official sightseeing-walking route, touring the most valuable venues of the historic city.

Credit : Kars Marathon

Accommodation will be free for the first 300 participants. Also there will be free transportation by coach from İstanbul, Ankara, Trabzon and Erzurum.

You have to know that it is an altitude event. The race is run 1,800m above sea level, making it Turkey’s highest road running event!