Press Release

Košice Night Run 2014 - registration for the third edition of the popular Košice night run is here!

07 May 2014 13:30
Jean-Loup Fenaux
Credit : Košice Night Run

Košice will again belong to the night runners. Event Košice night run 2014 has repeatedly returned to the East of Slovakia.

Friday, September 5, 2014 starts the third popular Košice Night Run . More than 9 – kilometer track ( 9.170 m ) which traditionally leads through the historic center of Košice, is prepared for all athletes. In addition to their own motivation to conquer their best performance, athletes can enjoy a city night atmosphere and fun .

After last season , when records broke in the number of athletes and in the results , organizers expect strong participation this year . No wonder , running is becoming increasingly popular sport and people run not only for health , but also for joy . Eager athletes used the first day of registration, only during its launch more than 200 runners has signed up. Night Run has fans all over the world and Košice are no exception. Join us!

Registration started Košice night run offers a possibility of earlier entry fee,which runners can ensure by early signing . The actual registration takes place online from 22/04/2014 to 05/09/2014 (inclusive) . In case of early full filling of the capacity constraints, this closing date will be brought forward. (For Application, as well as additional information , see )

FEES KNR 2014 Entry fees – the amount depends on the date of your payment 30.06.2014 Price 13 , – € to 09/02/2014 in the amount of 15 , – € from 09/03/2014 to 09/05/2014 in the amount of 20 , – €

Registration will be available from 09.03.2014 to 09.05.2014 in Košice Aupark shopping center, until the launch of the Night run Košice. You can run as individuals or take the opportunity during registration and invite your friends and create a team with them .

Join today and increase your motivation to do something for your body and health. Become part of the original run and you can also experience the unique atmosphere of the evening Košice, connect sport and entertainment. Come to Slovakia and enjoy Košice Night Run 2014!