Marathons in Alsace

01 Apr 2007 15:40
Jean-Loup Fenaux

Three marathons are referenced in Alsace.

  • Marathon du vignoble d’Alsace,
  • Marathon du ballon d’Alsace,
  • Marathon du Jura alsacien
  • As suprising as it may seem, none of the big cities in Alsace: Strasbourg, Colmar or Mulhouse host a marathon.This three marathons rural and take a great benefit of the beauty of the landscapes.The first one wanders between the vineyards. The second one, particurlarly hilly, follows hiking trails around the Ballon d’Alsace. The third oine located in the south of the Haut-Rhin visits the plateau of the alsatian Jura.Here is a short video, posted on dailymotion to promote the marathon du vignoble d’Alsace. One can run a marathon and still have some sense of humor.Where will you run your next marathon ?