Marathons in April

24 Mar 2007 14:43
Jean-Loup Fenaux

If not the month where most marathon take place, April marks the beginning of the spring marathon season (for the northern hemisphere).At least 60 marathons occur in April.The most famous is certainly Boston Marathon that will take place on the 16th. This year will be the 111th edition. Boston is the oldest marathon in the world and also maybe the most prestigious. Not everyone can run in Boston. You have to qualify to enter the race. To do so, you need to complete one of the Boston qualifying marathons in less than a certain time, determined by your gender and your age.This is not a Marathon for an average runner !You may find a list of the qualifying marathons on Bill’s Boston Marathon Qualifiers Guide.If you want to learn more about the Boston Marathon, you can read Boston Marathon: The First Century of the World’s Premier Running Event.April hosts another World marathon majors : the Flora London Marathon (on April 22nd).London isn’t the only European capital to welcome a marathon in April :

But despite the name, Athens Marathon, cannot join the list since it takes place in Ohio. ;-)If you want to run for a PR, go to Fortis Marathon Rotterdam (15th) in Netherlands.The world weirdest marathon will be held on the 7th : the North Pole Marathon. It is the only marathon that is run on water (actually on a 6 to 12 feet of ice separating you from the cold Artic Ocean). The registration is now closed for the 2007 edition, but it’s time to register for 2008 daredevils !Autumn begins in the southern hemisphere with 3 marathons :As you can see there is plenty of choice.Where will you run your next marathon ?