Marathons in Burgundy

19 Apr 2007 14:05
Jean-Loup Fenaux
In Memoriam Regions

Until last year, the old duchy of Burgundy welcomed 3 marathons :The marathon des grands crus de bourgogne in Dijon, Marathon des Blues Trotters and marathon du Charolais.But 2006 was the 10th and final edition of the marathon des grands crus de Bourgorgne. For those interested, the domain name is now of sale.The two surviving marathons follow a very specific theme.The Marathon des Blues Trotters is a friendly race that follows during part of its course the gorgeous canal of Burgundy.The marathon du Charolais celebrates the charolais cattle in the city of Gueugnon. Did you know that ‘Charolais’ designated a breed of cattle but also a breed of sheep, a cheese and also a breed of chicken ?Many delicious things to enjoy a post-marathon feast !

Where will you run your next marathon ?