March 2014 : Ultramarathons Calendar

01 Mar 2014 02:00
Jean-Loup Fenaux

Here is a selection of Ultramarathons organized in March 2014 that were previously featured in our monthly newsletter.

Ultramarathons selection

Ultra Caballo Blanco
Credit : Ultra Caballo Blanco

["Mexico", "Urique"] The race made famous by the book “Born to Run” is named after Micah True’s nickname, creator of the race. The course is made up of several loops in and out of the village of Urique on a very hilly combination of single-track and dirt trails. This course was designed to bring the runners through the village several times to give spectators some participation.More info…

Translantau 50 km
Credit : Translantau

["Hong-Kong", "Silvermine beach, Mui Wo"] The 50-km Challenge will cover the most scenic trails on South Lantau, including 5 climbs for a cumulative elevation gain of 2,600 meters. This is a challenging trail run which requires adequate training to complete the full route within 12 hours.More info…

Antiparos Ultra 100
By the sea

["Greece", "Antiparos island, Cyclades"] This will be the first edition of this 100 km race. The route runs around the island of Antiparos in the Cyclades. 40% is run on road, 60% on mountain trails. The overall elevation gain is 2,000 m.More info…