Marcialonga Running Coop: Entries to open on April 1st

30 Mar 2015 16:40
Jean-Loup Fenaux
Press Release
Credit : Marcialonga Running

Marcialonga Running Coop in Trentino region (Italy) next September Entries to open on Wednesday 1st April, 2015 A Mizuno backpack for the first 200 registered New presenting sponsor Coop

Marcialonga Running Coop in sight. The 25.5k long running race will get back on track next 6 September and hundreds of running passionates and sport lovers are expected to gather at the foot of majestic Italian Dolomites in Trentino region. Entries to the 2015 edition of the event will open on Wednesday 1st April and those who decide to book a bib in advance will pay only 25 Euro. In addition, the first 200 registered athletes will receive a brand new Mizuno backpack, thanks to the new partnership with the Japanese brand. At the end of last year, Marcialonga signed a three-year deal with Coop Norway together with Coop Italia and Coop Sait and the famous food and grocery brand is now the new Marcialonga Running presenting sponsor. Marcialonga embodies one of the world’s most renowned XC skiing event and since 2003 whenever you refer to Italy’s Marcialonga, you might be talking about the winter race, it could be road cycling and it could be running. In all this, concepts such as cooperation, voluntary work and associative spirit have always been part of the popular event and have grown stronger and stronger throughout the decades. The Marcialonga OC led by Angelo Corradini and all the management board work side by side with local communities and many volunteers and, above all, with a true and vibrant spirit of collaboration in order to create an incredible sport and social event that involves and entertain thousands from many countries and of different ages. Last year’s Marcialonga Running Coop race was won by Kiprop Limo from Kenya and the young African runner set a new course record with a time of 77 minutes 58 seconds. Regarding women’s race, Italian Eliana Patelli was the top finisher ahead of 2013 winner Ivana Iozzia and signed Marcialonga’s history book for the third time, after 2011 and 2012 wins. The 2015 Marcialonga Running Coop represents the third and last step of the Combined event ‘Punto3 Craft’, together with the Marcialonga Cycling Craft road race – next 14 June – and last January’s ski-marathon. Please find all the information and rules about next Marcialonga Running Coop event on Facebook, Twitter and the Youtube channel are also available and updated.