New on ahotu Marathons: Advanced Search, and more

05 Apr 2010 17:09
Jean-Loup Fenaux
About Ahotu

We just launched a nice collection of improvements for ahotu Marathons. Many of these were done to answer requests from users, so thank you for telling us what you needed and how you use the website.

A simplified Calendar

The first improvement deals with the calendar. The different tabs have been removed to simplify the page. Many of you found akwark to see the “Overview” tab instead of the list of race.

The new calendar now presents the list directly. In order to help those of you completing the challenge to run a marathon in each of the 50 US states, the “State/Region” column has been added. You can click on the column headers to sort the races.

Enter a keyword in the filter box to search for races by name.

Calendar v3

The “Overview” tab has been replaced by the “Select by” line. Click on the “Countries” button for example to seen the distribution of races among countries and states. You’ll than be able to click on a specific country to shorten your search.

The registrered members of the site have also access to the “Export to Excel” button, which downloads a file containing the list of races currently shown on the screen.

A click on the “Show on a Map” button will display the list of races in our new module : the “Advanced Search”.

The Advanced Search

Some of you told us, that the top down approach of the Calendar could be a little painfull. Too many pages to browse through to get to the races you were looking for.

This is why we created the Advanced Search, that replaces the old “Race locator”. It is an all-in-one-screen feature where you’ll be able to select races according to your own criteria : Location, race type, year, month, tag, distance, or even number of participants.

Advanced search v3

Define your own criteria an click on the “View Race” button. The corresponding races will be placed on the map and listed in the table on the bottom of the screen.

Listing the 50 mile or more trail Ultra marathons organized in Californa, Oregon and Nevada in July, August and September is very easy. Check it out

Here is a short video to show you how the new module can be used.

The advanced search is restricted to members of ahotu Marathons community. If you haven’t created your account yet, you can do it very easily.

Create your account

Race directors

Race directors can now add new races or edit the ones already published in the calendar.

If you are a race director and would like to test this new feature, create an account and contact me a [email protected]

And more…

A few other minor changes have been made to the race page, the blog or the home page. I’ll let you discover them by yourself.

I hope you find these new features useful.