New Year New Resolutions? The Volkswagen Prague Marathon Tops The List!

19 Dec 2012 17:50
Jean-Loup Fenaux
Press Release

Still working on those running goals? Speed up as the Volkswagen Prague Marathon (12 May 2013) might be sold out very fast! Organizers encourage runners to register now and secure their spot at the Start line!

A breath-taking race course criss-crossing 6 bridges, electrifying race atmosphere, first timers’ friendly 7 hour time limit, a generous race package, organization at the highest international standards… What makes you choose the Volkswagen Prague Marathon? Marathoner Hans Kleinekoort from the Netherlands reveals his experience. Crossing 230th Finish line at the age of 73 sounds inspiring!

HANS KLEINEKOORT, 73 years of age, the Netherlands

“My wife knows, that she’s my first great love. The second one is running”

What where the reasons that made you to sign up for the Volkswagen Prague Marathon again?

I have signed for the 4th time because I like the town, I love the kind people and last but not least I did enjoy the 2012 edition in particularly because of the 5 hours female pacemaker who appeared to be a beautiful and yet an experienced runner who brought me to the finish within the 5 hours and I think I have been the only one who followed her up to the end. I hope she will be there again!

Which are your criteria when choosing an international race?

Marathon for me is a way of travel. On my age of 73 years I have completed so far 230 full marathons – each year 90% of them are outside the Netherlands. In 2009 I have finished 19 marathons, in 2010 – 19 marathons, in 2011 – 28 marathons and in 2012 – 23 marathons; All these races throughout Europe, in the main cities as well in the nature. Among them are: Jungfrau, Zermatt, Mont Blanc and Liechtenstein marathons. In 2013 I have decided to do fewer marathons outside the Netherlands, but I will definitely continue running in Prague (also this May) as long as my body will allow me!

Does the host city play a big role for you? How long do you plan to stay in Prague?

Simple as that – Prague is one of the most exciting places I have ever visited! This time I plan to stay for 3 days.

Do you find the participation of your family/friends important or you rather travel for the race alone?

I would love to have my wife with me but she got tired from all the travelling and prefers to stay home… Therefore I fly, run the marathon, look around and head back home again. My wife knows that she is my first great love, the second one is running.

RunCzech Organizing Team would like to thank Mr. Kleinekoort for interesting and sincere answers and, even though he is an inveterate marathoner, invite him to one of the other RunCzech races, whether it would be the Half Marathon (6 April 2013) in Prague or a race held in one of the charming regions of the Czech Republic.