October 2016: Ultramarathons Calendar

01 Oct 2016 02:00
Jean-Loup Fenaux

Here is a selection of Ultramarathons organized in October 2016 that were previously featured in our monthly newsletter.


Pony Express Trail 100
Pony Express Preview
Credit : ThePsychicSasquatch

North America – USA – Mountain Region – Utah

How about a run in the Wild West on the historic Pony Express Trail in western Utah? The course is very remote so a support crew is required along the way. This can be done by bike.

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Taupo Ultramarathon 100k
Credit : Taupo Ultramarathon

Oceania – New Zealand

You will run on the Great Lake Trail, in the mountains bordering New Zealand’s largest lake, enjoying the native forest and gorgeous waterfalls.

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Valamar Trail 73
By the sealine

Europe – Croatia

This course will have you run along the coast, in deep forests, and on the highest hills, cross medieval town and enjoy great panoramas!

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All Ultramarathons organized in October


A few interviews about races held during the month of October have already been published in this blog. Check them out.