October 6-7th : Where can you run this Week-end ?

04 Oct 2007 04:24
Jean-Loup Fenaux
Where can you run this week-end?

The heat is on ! After a heavy schedule last week-end featuring Berlin’s marathon, where Haile Gebreselassie set a new world record, 35 marathons will be organized during next week-end.

The climax of the week-end should be of course Chicago’s marathon, member of the world big 5.
Most of the races are located in the states (20 registered), but the rest of the world still has may running opportunities in Australia, Canana, Ecuador, France, Germany, Italy, Nepal, Netherlands, Slovakia, Sweden and UK.

Next week-end will even be bigger.

If you run one of these races, why don’t you come back to 42k195 and leave a short race report for our marathon community to read.

Samsung Melbourne Marathon (Sunday)

Ottawa Fall Colours Marathon (Sunday)
Royal Victoria Marathon (Sunday)
Tim Horton’s Valley Harvest Marathon (Sunday)

Maratón de Guayaquil (Sunday)

Marathon de la Côte d’Amour (Sunday)

Ford Köln Marathon (Sunday)
Göltzschtal-Marathon (Saturday)
Sparkasse-Marathon (Sunday)

Südtirol Marathon (Sunday)

NRN Kathmandu International Marathon (Sunday)

MarathonZeeland (Saturday)

Košice Peace Marathon (Sunday)

Göteborg Marathon (Saturday)

United Kingdom
Baxters Loch Ness Marathon (Sunday)

United States of America
Bellingham Bay Marathon (Sunday)
Bizz Johnson Trail Marathon (Saturday)
Chicago Marathon (Sunday)
City of Trees Marathon (Sunday)
CoreLogic Sacramento Cowtown Marathon (Sunday)
Crazy Horse Marathon (Sunday)
Durango Marathon (Sunday)
Greater Johnstown YMCA Marathon (Sunday)
Lakefront Marathon (Sunday)
Maine Marathon (Sunday)
Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon (Sunday)
Metric Marathon (Sunday)
Mohawk Hudson River Marathon (Sunday)
Mount Rushmore Marathon (Sunday)
Portland Marathon (Sunday)
St. George Marathon (Saturday)
Steamtown Marathon (Sunday)
Steamtown Marathon (Sunday)
Towpath Marathon (Sunday)
Westchester Marathon Festival (Sunday)