Race results : October 3rd- 4th 2009

05 Oct 2009 14:17
Jean-Loup Fenaux

Here are a few results that have been published about the races organized this week-end. Congratulations to all the participants.

ING Brussels Marathon

Abraham Potongole won the marathon in 2:15:13. Rik Ceulemans, last year’s winner, who was running his last marathon, finished 2nd. The ladys race was won by Virgine Soenen in 3:07:12.

The half marathon was won by Guy Fays in 1:12:16 for the mens and by Catherine Lallemand for the women in 1:20:52.

8500 runners were engaged in one of he four races organized last Sunday. 1569 runners crossed the finish line of the marathon.


Marathon de Rimouski

David Durocher was the fastest man for the Marathon in 2:53:36. Julie Moreau lead the women’s race in 3:05:59. 160 runners finished the race.

Emmanuel Joncas (1:15:56) and Annie D’Anjou (1:25:01) won the half marathon.


Marathon de la Côte d’Amour

Rejane Hemeri won the women’s race in 3:16:38. In the men’s race, Moris Ngorege finished in 2:32:56.


Marathon de Provence Luberon

Laurent Petermann won the 13th edition of the marathon in 2:50:06. Claudine Pageau won the women’s race in 3:22:51.


Ford Köln Marathon

Evans Kipkogei Ruto crossed the finish line of the marathon in 02:08:36. With the same time, Samson Bungei Kipto, finished second. Sabrina Mockenhaupt was the first woman in 02:30:12.



Two records were broken this week-end. A new record was established by Sparimuk Samson in 2:15:59, and Chemunge Selina-Chelimo also set a new record for the women in 2:37:59

The online registration for the 2010 race to be held on October 3rd are already open.


swb-Marathon Bremen

Sebrantke, Oliver won in 02:38:11 for the men, Eva Brinkmann for the women in 02:59:26.

Results :

Südtirol Marathon

Giovanni Gualdi won the men marathon in 2:16.22 and Irene Psaier was the first woman in the marathon in 3:07.10. As for the half marathon, Said Boudalia in 1:06.44 for the men and Docus Inzikuru in 1:16.07 for the ladies.



Leonie Ton was the top woman in 3:44:28 and Sébastièn Schletterer the top man in 2:55:39.


Isle of Wight Marathon

Paul CAMERON in 02:50:38 for the men.


Arkansas Traveller 100

PoDog Vogler finished in 17:49:50, Monica Scholz was the first woman in 23:16:41.


CoreLogic Cowtown Marathon

Winners : Markus Lacher in 2:40:03 Amanda Ewing in 3:14:49


Lakefront Marathon

Winners : Ryan Meissen in 2:24:53 Jennifer Goebel in 3:02:50


Leavenworth Marathon


Youll find a nice article on the Portland press Herald about the race.


Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon

Jason Hartmann crosses the finishline of the men’s marathon in 2:12:09. And Ilsa Paulson crossed the finishline of the women’s marathon in 2:31:49.


Portland Marathon

The date is set for 2010 : October 10th

Jason Finch won the men’s marathon in 2:24:13. Yuri Yoshizumi was the first woman to cross the finish line in 2:55:59.


Spirit of Survival Marathon

The top man in the marathon is Dave Max in 2:47:34. The top woman is Katie Kramer in 3:22:01.


The Vasque Triple Lakes Trail Race


Wineglass Marathon